iriscopio chile


Iriscopio Chile

iriscopio chile iriscopio chile

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What is an Iriscopio digital camera?

Please feel free to visit our USB Digital Iriscopio, Iridology Camera, Iris Camera, Ophthalmic and Scleral USB System ccarry case T website.

The EyeRonec Pebble Pro Iridology Camera was created for non-technical naturopaths and naturopaths, iridologists and herbalists.

The EyeRonec Pebble Pro Digital Iriscopio only takes up a small amount of space on your desktop and is very portable, once you have the software installed on your MAC or PC, all you have to do is plug the camera into the USB.

EyeRonec Iridology iris cameras don’t need chin rests, don’t need the dreaded flash, don’t have ambient light issues, don’t need to carry bulky cases, and

The EyeRonec Pebble Prp is priced lower than other “camera only” prices.

The latest EyeRonec model Iriscameras have 8 illuminated lights (for blue eyes) and more than 2 side lit LEDs for brown eyes.

The indicator light (white dot) is in the pupil area! No artifacts (white dots or streaks) in the iris, so the photo is better than one taken with an “open” system camera

iriscopio chile


Iridology software and Iriscopio supplies

Specialist in iridology, iridology software, digital and optical iridoscopy and iris diagnosis.

Iris Supplies was founded in 1998 by Samuel R. Kennedy and is now a new supplier of Iridology, Iridology software, digital and optical Iroscope and health products.

Since its inception three years ago, Iris Supplies has produced a number of high-quality iridology software products. These include Iridology99 Scanning, the world’s first iris scanning iridology software, and now the next version, Iridology2000 Scanning (also available in Spanish). Iridology99 Nutri-Base and Iridology2000 Nutri-Base are another program that has been developed with a large database of nutrition, food and herbal health tips.

Iris Supplies is also heavily involved in the development of new products. Behind the scenes is iridologist, naturopath, acupuncturist and homeopath Samuel R. Kennedy, who runs a busy practice on Martha’s Hill in Mount Victoria. It was his daily experience working with patients in the office that helped him deepen his understanding of the need for practitioners to design and develop products for practitioners like themselves. Iris Supplies has developed and continues to develop the latest technology in iris software and hardware with the support of dedicated technicians.

Iris Consumables also developed its devices, including the stereo digital Iriscopio and Zoom digital Iriscopio in its range.The original iris scopes were digitally imaged through an iris lens. With this new development, Iris Supplies has created the first Tri-Iriscopio stereoscopic Tri-Iriscopio with 35mm photography and digital imaging in one unit.

Iris Supplies collaborated with the world-renowned Iridologist Dr. David J. Pesek in 1999 to produce their own software, Iridology99 Interpretive Software and Reporting System (now available in 2000), and the new Pesek Tri-Iriscopio to their specifications, and with Milo Milosevic to develop their own software, Constitutional Iridology.

Iris Supplies is currently working on new products with other companies both at home and abroad. They are currently a consultant to Expanded Enterprises, the original developers of the Jensen camera system, and are working with them on new technologies for iris products.

As a company, Iris Supplies is committed to providing you with quality products at competitive prices and the latest technological developments. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and want to be recognized as a company that maintains good relationships with all of our customers by meeting your individual needs and providing the proper backup services that they deserve.

iriscopio chile

iriscopio chile

iriscopio chile

Iridology and nutrition: personalized diet through iridology

Every cell, tissue and organ in the human body has its nutritional needs. They need the right combination of specific nutrients to work best. If the body is not eating properly, certain elements will deplete AND and the body will begin to suffer. The iris reflects these nutritional needs and a skilled iris practitioner can see them. Iridology takes a lot of the guess work out of your food choices and prepares your body better for the future.

All organizations change depending on the nutrition plan applied and a person’s lifestyle habits. Inappropriate habits can damage the body until it can’t handle the stress.
Irisology points out where the inherent weaknesses are and what is needed to strengthen them nutritionally. When the organs and tissues are given proper nutrition and given proper rest, healing can begin.

For example, people with loose iris fibers (called “connective” in iridology) can help their bodies by eating more fruit or by supplementing with more bioflavonoids. Connective tissue will also benefit from high levels of cabbage juice, a lesser-known vitamin called vitamin P. Another way that iridosis can help patients develop a more personalized nutrition plan is iris color. For example, through decades of Iridology research, it has been noted that many people with dark brown eyes benefit from focusing on eating more foods that have a hematopoietic effect, such as kale, spinach, alfalfa and chlorella.

Irisology can help anyone personalize their diet. As always, iridology should not be used alone, but with the help and guidance of a qualified healthcare professional.

Irisology aims to provide you with the personal information necessary to live a vibrant and healthy life!

iriscopio chile

iriscopio chile

iriscopio chile

How to take iris photos?

I would like to work with an Iridologist who is not in my area. How to get a picture of their eyes? (Answer). Send your photos by email. If you are taking photos yourself, take 10 still close-ups of each eye with a camera or camera phone and flashlight. What should I do? Simply shine a flashlight in the outer corner of your eye and ask someone to take a close-up photo of you. A flashlight will illuminate the eyes. Lift the upper and lower eyelids with your thumb and forefinger until you can see the entire eye (you must see the top and bottom of the eye); if that doesn’t work, keep your eyes open so that the photographer can see the top and bottom of the eye. Then look the camera straight in the eye and give out a flashlight, or pin the light directly to each corner of the eye (one eye at a time). This will illuminate the iris fibers so that the camera can pick up the iris fibers. All that is needed is a picture of the iris (eye), not the entire face.

iriscopio chile

iriscopio chile

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