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iriscopio gratis iriscopio gratis

iriscopio gratis

iriscopio gratis

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The EyeRonec Pebble Pro Iridology Camera was created for non-technical naturopaths and naturopaths, iridologists and herbalists.

The EyeRonec Pebble Pro iriscopio gratis only takes up a small amount of space on the desktop and is very portable. Once you have the software installed on your MAC or PC, all you have to do is plug the camera into the USB.

EyeRonec Iridology iris cameras don’t need chin rests, don’t need the dreaded flash, don’t have ambient light issues, don’t need to carry bulky cases, and

The EyeRonec Pebble Prp is priced lower than other “camera only” prices.

The latest EyeRonec model Iriscameras have 8 illuminated lights (for blue eyes) and more than 2 side lit LEDs for brown eyes.

The indicator light (white dot) is in the pupil area! No artifacts (white dots or streaks) in the iris, so the photo is better than one taken with an “open” system camera

iriscopio gratis

iriscopio gratis

How to take iris photos with an iriscopio gratis

To take the best photos for reading, set your camera to “macro” and try to use natural daytime indoor light with flash whenever possible. Set the photo size to a higher resolution with a minimum of 2.5M (2208 x 1248). Preferably 4.5M (2784 x 1568).
Step 1: Take iris photos with a iriscopio gratis

Set the camera to the macro setting.
Increase the resolution to 4.5M (2784 x 1568).
Turn on the flash.
Use indoor daylight.
Stand next to any window (facing the window will cause glare).
Ask someone else to hold the camera or use a tripod and timer.
Keep the upper and lower eyelids open so that the entire iris is visible.
Take one photo of each iris at a time.
Keep your eyes close to the camera. On the macro setting, you can be 4-5 inches from the lens.

Step 2: Check the light and clarity of the photo

Check the photo on the camera’s viewfinder. Use the zoom function to view the aperture.
Make sure the iris is clear; otherwise, try again.
Make sure there is no red-eye; otherwise, turn on the Red-eye Mitigation feature and try again.
Make sure the entire iris is visible. Otherwise, please try again.
Make sure there is no visible glare on the iris. Otherwise move your body slightly away from any windows and try again.

Step 3: Send final iris photo results via email

You can crop the photo so that it is only visible to the naked eye to reduce the file size.
If that’s too much of a hassle, then just email the entire photo.
You can send 3-5 pictures of your left eye via one email.
You can send 3-5 pictures of your right eye in another email.

Using a iriscopio gratis: video instructions on how to take iris photos
Using the iPhone: video instructions on how to take iris photos
Examples of unacceptable iris photo submissions

No! Both examples have a distinct glare that makes some parts of the iris unreadable

In the first example above, the person may be facing the window, causing glare to appear in the iris. Solution: leave the window slightly and try again.

In the second example, this photo was most likely taken at night or in a room with no windows and only overhead lights. Because of the low light in the room, light can refract from the iris, causing noticeable glare and blurring the photo. Solution: take photos in indoor daylight without overhead lighting. Side lighting is usually okay.

It is okay to have a small amount of glare (a dark spot in the middle of the iris) in the pupil.

No! Not looking directly at the camera lens can cause iris distortion.

In the two examples above, individuals are most likely to try to take a photo themselves, so they unintentionally look at the camera as they try to take a photo.
The solution: have someone else steady the camera for you or use the tripod with a timer.

No! In these photos, the top and/or bottom of the iris is covered

When taking photos, check that the entire color section of the eye is visible, especially the top and bottom. If your eyes tend to “sag”, simply use your thumb and index finger to gently pull the skin away from your eyes.
Examples of acceptable iris photo submissions

iriscopio gratis

iriscopio gratis

Yes! Perfect photo – internal pupil flicker, full iris visible

Yes! Despite the lack of clarity in the photos, these two examples are still readable

Yes! Great photo – iris fully visible, iridology clear and easy to read

Yes! Perfect photo – internal pupil flicker, full iris visible

Yes! Perfect photo – internal pupil flicker, full iris visible

Learn what to expect from an Iridology analysis in Iridology Explained.

Find answers to any other questions about iridopathy and how it works in Iridology – FAQ.

Start now! Schedule an online appointment under “Book your iridology consultation”.

Ideology cannot diagnose specific diseases.

iriscopio gratis

iriscopio gratis

Why choose our best iriscopio gratis?

1. The software is easy to use and helps you command. Advanced automated iris analysis technology can best help beginners.
2. Iris analysis system: international technology, unique function.

3. The iris analysis system is a medical tool to check the condition of the body and prevent the occurrence of diseases.

4. We have introduced advanced German iris analysis technology that enables people to discover the root cause of the disease and to pay attention to their physical and mental health in any case.

5. The apparatus can display the condition of the customer’s body and advise the customer on the appropriate health food and

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