is iridology accurate


What is iridology?

Right eye Iridology Chart

Iridology is a naturopathic diagnosis method which speculates the theory that the iris contains nerve fibres connecting through cranial nerves to different parts of the body. The following article with Ophthalmologist, Dr Peter Martin from Harley Place Day Surgery in Bondi Junction, discusses the speculation, the history, and the facts about whether or not Iridology is a successful diagnosis tool for health conditions.Iridologists believe that characteristics in the iris such as patterns and colours can be examined to determine the patient’s health. Matching their observations to the iris charts used for their practice, they believe they can pinpoint the parts of the body that may be troubled.After gathering information from the different observations, Iridologists believe that they can prove the patient’s vulnerability towards current medical problems, potential illnesses and even explain previous medical conditions that the patient may have suffered from. As iridology is only used to loosely diagnose, it’s common for the practitioners to be versed in other naturopathic treatments to solve the diagnosed issues.

Left iris Iridology Chart

The iris of the eye is an extension of the brain with many nerve endings that connect to every organ and tissue in the body by way of the nervous system.Through this immense communications network, over time, the iris develops unique identifiable markings that relate to the body’s relative condition(s).  Iridology maps those regions of the iris to the tissues and organs of the body and qualified Iridologists use this map to assess its state of health.What Iridology tells you about your state of health,How Does Iridology Work
Body constitution
Inherent weaknesses
Toxicity levels
Where in the body it is located
And at what stage it’s in


is iridology accurate?

Iridology detects the chronic health circumstances which are behind many of the acute symptom that children and adults have. The irises reveal pre-dispositions of organ strengths and weaknesses as described by Dr. Bernard Jensen, D.C., Ph.D., Nutritionist, and many renowned doctors and scientist. The science and practice of iridology is practiced in Greece, Africa, Australia, Canada, China, Korea, Japan, the Philippines, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Mexico, United States, Central America and South America.

iridology eye chart

Iridology is effective because the brain monitors and controls virtually every activity of the body, and in iridology, messages are revealed through the iris fibers of the eye (blood vessels and nerves). The eyes grow out of the brain during fetal development, and therefore are extensions of the brain by way of the optic nerves. Naturally, all organ challenges can be analyzed with 98% accuracy. The irises are read just like a map is read. Each section of an iris represents an organ reflex point, which is the organs reflex location. If a non-standard (sign) pigment, structure, or color is found in an organ reflex point, it is a sign of potential weakness for that organ; it just depends on the degree of that sign, whether it is serious, moderate or mild. Then a customized wellness plan of action can be carried out to assist in strengthening that organ. Truly, iridology is a natural way of assessing what is happening to the body before or after symptoms appear on the scene and become difficult to deal with.

All organs can be analyzed, such as, the glandular system (thyroid / pituitary / adrenals / pancreas), urinary (kidneys / bladder), reproductive (prostate / uterus / breast), skeletal, skin, muscles, digestive (esophagus / colon / small intestines), respiratory (sinus / lungs / bronchioles), immune and lymphatics, circulatory (heart / arteries / veins / capillaries), nervous system (nervous stress / hyper or hypo / and brain composition). Brain psychology and physiology strengths and weaknesses can be analyzed which can create or maintain physical symptoms.

Black Ring Around Iris New Iridology Vibrant Health Wellness

Iridology can also assist with identifying inflammation, debris settlement and accumulation in the body, and where located and in what stages it is manifesting. It can also show how the body reacts to the environment and what symptoms to expect; in addition to future challenges where the body is likely to have more problems as the body ages. Babies, children, teenagers and athletes can benefit also. Book an iris analysis and find out how to be the best you can be.We start by taking a photograph of your irises with a state-of-the-art iris camera – no blood test or eye touching involved. The photo is then presented to you with an explanation of the various iris-fiber signs and composition seen in it. A customized wellness plan of action is included with the analysis.

iridology yellow ring around pupil

So iridology, what is it? Basically this is the belief that it’s possible to infer things about the systemic health of a patient by looking at the characteristics of their iris. This uses an iris chart which splits the iris into specific zones which are believed to correspond to particular parts of the body. There are 80-90 zones in total, and the practitioner will use a flash light or slit-lamp microscope in order to look for tissue changes, irregular stromal architecture and articular pigment patterns.So if the lower part of the iris just before the 6’oclock position demonstrates unusual patterning then this might indicate a problem with the kidneys. This is generally accepted as the designated kidney zone, but it’s worth noting that there are variations from chart to chart regarding which parts of the body refer to which parts of the iris. This should give you a little more idea about just how reliable this process is. Iridologists also look for ‘contraction rings’ and ‘klumpenzellen’ which are claimed to indicate ‘various’ health conditions dependent on context. From the findings of an initial Iridology assessment, a personalized plan is developed to target your unique needs which helps restore balance and promote an optimum level of health and wellness.Because Iridology is an assessment technique, it alone can not offer solutions. Iridology works when combined with a formal discipline like nutrition to offer a more complex, complete and detailed level of findings that result in a more accurate program recommendation.

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