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is iridology real or not?

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Iridology is a legitimate study, worth pursuing. The eyes are a window into the entire body. Similar to the Ayurveda technique of analyzing the tongue secretions to identify problem areas in major organs, Iridology maps areas of the eye to specific regions of the body. Chinese medicine also has similar methods of diagnosing dis-ease in the body. Bernard Jensen has studied and practiced Iridology for over 40 years.
yes its real. its a lot older and more practical than modern medicine that just gives you pills. do you know how it was ‘founded’ a man was nursing an owl back to health (broken wing) and he noticed the ring around its eye was split, and when the wing was all healed, it ring around the owls eye was also healed.  and it would be a vey wise choice to study this.
You’ve experienced it first hand as being real. If you really want to study it, talk to doctors that practice it and ask them about it, and about the criticism you’ve seen about it. Don’t just stop with the criticism.

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I mean, I am pretty sure that there are medical causes to some changes in the iris. I believe that osteogenesis imperfecta can cause a blue tint to the irises-although this is something innate from birth and unchanging so yeah probably not really the same thing.

But yeah, I think that in extreme and particular cases this sort of thing can be seen and can be a sign for a few disorders. But I am not sure whether I would say that they would have any affect in diseases not regarding the eye-or at least not regarding nutritional disturbances.

Facebook cases show diseases being diagnosed from particular visuals in eyes, tumors I believe. But as a sort of vague horoscopical thing, where slight changes are coorelated with particular diseases, seems as if it would generally result in more misses than hits.

Seems plausible to a degree. It stands to reason that at least some aspects of health could be discerned from the eye. I actually did regularly see an iridologist/herbologist as a kid at the behest of my mother, he was unable to ascertain that my malady was being a liar (faking sick so I could stay home and watch The Price Is Right and play with the stove). But maybe my health did need attending to? Who knows?

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At one time, “blood-letting” was considered a form of healing via purification. Of course, we know better now.

Iridology or Iris Diagnosis, perhaps is a real science because it is the pursuit of knowledge concerning the signs or symptoms of illness showing up in the Iris of the eye. As a research, as a science, I venture to say it is real. As a professional healing guide, I doubt.

Iridologists believe that unhealthy organs in the body will trigger response in the Iris of the eye. Doesn’t sound so far-fetched to me, since disease can affect and effect the body in many ways. Certainly, I would not be willing to schedule surgery or medication based on the findings of an Iridologist. I don’t go to a chiropractor either, but I have seen people improve and gain new found movement, free of pain after several visits to one.

I find this subject interesting mainly because my eyes change color. They alternate between gray, blue and green or a combination of the three and I have gold specks around my pupil. When I drink alcohol or go without sleep for long periods of time, my eyes turn very green. In times of great and soft comfort, my eyes seem blue.

An Opthamologic exam can detect signs of illness, like say, diabetes, though the Opthamologist is not diagnostic of diabetes. He will only treat the symptom, if he can, and the symptom is sight loss. If Iridology finds enough conclusion via observation helpful to medicine, then I would definitely not rule it out as a science. It makes more sense than looking for ghosts and UFO’s.

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It has not been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Shark’s liver oil can heal people, but Science verifies that its properties are conducive to human health.

It’s like this, I tend not to believe that Astrology is a Science, not in the sense of the pursuit of knowledge. It seems more a scam of a sort. But somewhere, somehow, somebody figured out that I am extremely intense and they know it because I was born in October. I am a Scorpio, according to Astrology. Also, according to Astrology, reckoned due to my date of birth, I dislike being manipulated, shallow relationships and flattery. It also says that I am, according to my date of birth drawn to professions of investigation, research and I’d make a good surgeon or scientist.

Oddly, that’s me. Now, is it just a lucky guess? I don’t know. I don’t have time to look into it, I’m too busy. But I don’t take it too seriously. I hate getting shammed.

So, why didn’t I become a surgeon or a scientist? Maybe it’s the gold specks in my eyes, I don’t know. I’ll have to put it in the closet of wisdom, for right now. You know, that place where you put the “Not Sure’s”. Because you can never really know it all anyway.

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A close family friend of my mom’s is an iridologist (sp?), and a while back while I was reeeeally struggling to pinpoint what was causing all my health issues, we decided to book an appointment with her.
I’m a huge skeptic and I thought it was bullshit science but she went into a lot of detail and she even mentioned some family medical history that I still have no idea how she could’ve known. She knew my mom’s mom has an IBD and that my dad’s dad died from lung cancer, both issues that play out in my own life – she had NO way of knowing because my grandma is overseas, and my granddad has been dead for 20 years now. She also mentioned some very specific health issues I’ve dealt with that very few (if any people) really know about, and I have NO idea how she could’ve known. I mean she showed me on the chart where she was getting this info from, but still…some of it was incredibly eerie. I’m still skeptical about a lot of it but she was far more accurate in pinpointing what was causing my health issues than two specialists before her who actually did a lot of testing so idk…


Is Iridology Real Best Answer:Yes



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