Last week I visited a friend of the family who is an iridologist


Last week I visited a friend of the family who is an iridologist. When he checked things out, he told me that I had a hormone deposit in the area of my ovaries. I had no symptoms though, so this seemed confusing.

He said, “You’re on birth control, right?” I wasn’t, and I’ve never been on b.c. I asked him what else could cause that hormone deposit, and he wasn’t sure.

But a couple days later I began having symptoms of pain, loads of pressure, frequent trips to the bathroom... I went to the walk-in clinic, and the doctor figured that I had an ovarian cyst. The next day I had an ultrasound, and the tech also seemed to indicate that I did have a cyst. Then, last night, I had terrible pressure and discomfort again, and night sweats.

Any guesses?

I too had ovarian cysts and alot of them. I did not know at the time that my hormones where out of balance. My cysts always burst. Good and bad as the pain was overwhelming. Look into balancing your hormone levels.

I have an appointment lined up to get that done soon. I’ve heard certain times of the month are better for taking the test, as hormones go up and down during that time. I’ve also heard that a saliva test is better than a blood test. Any advice?

Overall, I was so impressed that our friend found what he did, before I began feeling symptoms. Makes me want to see him for monthly check-ups! lol smile emoticon

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