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www.iridologycamera.org/driver/8116(win2k_xp_vista_win7).rar for window xp,window 7,window 8. 2.0

Janpan CCD DM881AU(2.0) 1.3MP iridology camera driver for window xp,window 7,window 8 www.iridologycamera.org/driver/8116(win2k_xp_vista_win7).rar

CCD IC 9913U IRIDOLGOY CAMERA DRIVER www.iridologycamera.org/driver/8116(win2k_xp_vista_win7).rar  

DM883US 1.3MP iriscope dirver download www.iridologycamera.org/driver/8116(win2k_xp_vista_win7).rar

support window xp, window 7,window vista. 32 bit. www.iridologycamera.org/driver/8116(win2k_xp_vista_win7).rar

The driver just can support the window xp, 32 bit system. it can’t support the window vista,window 7,window 8 64 bit system. Downlaod the URL is: www.iridologycamera.org/driver/8116(win2k_xp_vista_win7).rar