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She is right handed female. DOB: June 25, 1951. She has no complaints at the moment. She has dry-eye syndrome. She has been using artificial tears. She has ocular hypertension and no medication for this.

Jan 12, 1930 tonsils out cartilage removed left knee right handed chest pains thyroid med heart arrhythmia

She is right handed female. DOB: July 10th, 1976. She has dry-eye sendrom. Etiology is unknown. There is nothing in systemic investigation. She has not using any medication. She has an asthmatic attack in past.

She is 52 yrs old right handed female. She has diagnosis of NonHodgkin’s lymphoma with B cells (with neck lymph bipsy). She got chemotherapy cure in March 2005. Her hemoglobin and hematocrit levels are mild lower than normal levels.

female DOB: Feb 19, 1934 abdominal surgery removal of ovary and omentum (cancerous) pseudo myxoma peritinei (rare cancer) now spreading to cover other organs as far up as the pancreas wants to know if there is any hope of reversing …

She is 61 yrs old right handed female. She was taken diagnosis of liver carcinoma 6 years ago. A mass (7 cm) was taken surgically from her liver 6 years ago. She has been using immunsupressive treatment once a month …