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Pigmentation in the ciliary zone (The Integrated Iridology Textbook)

What is Iridology? (The Integrated Iridology Textbook)

  Kidney Lymphatic (The Integrated Iridology Textbook) Purchase here http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs052/1102093017864/archive/1109935213724.html

The organization of eyeball (iridlolgy) Human�� eyes are like ball, located in eye socket. The fore-and-aft eyeball diameter of adult is 24mm averagely while up-and-down is 23mm. Eyeball is protected by eyelid, the eyeball includes exophthalmoses, intracavity and content of eyes, nerves, blood vessels …

The application and development of iridology observation (1) Bernard Jensen (1908-2001) is outstanding in iridology. MD Bernard Jensen is Natural physician, nutritionist, massage therapy doctor, philosopher and researcher and author of iridology. He extended iridology to different world. His book …

In 1790 Portugal University, Europe published books and established iridology. In 1786 Hettingen University presented a essay ��De Ocolo Et Signo������Eyes And Signs����. In 1831 Viennese doctor Y.Beer mentioned the Relation of iris and organs in his book about eye …

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