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Some examples of the online courses available

Ma’heo’o Reiki
With this course you will receive all three attunements and upon completion will be a Ma’heo’o Reiki Master Teacher (able to teach and attune others) and unlimited support even after the course. You will be registered with the Ma’heo’o Reiki Healing center as a Registered Master Teacher. This means you will have a registration number to verify your Mastership of Ma’heo’o Reiki. Taught by Sheryl Carter, the founder of Ma’heo’o Reiki and certified master teacher in a variety of reiki styles and other healing modalities.

Ascension Reiki Level 2
Continue into the Ascension Reiki system of natural healing by learning the three traditional Usui symbols and hand placement for healing self. When you complete this course, you will be able to call yourself an Ascension Reiki Level II practitioner

Basic Yoga This course will help you learn the basic asanas (postures) of yoga.There are many physical benefits of yoga. It improves flexibility and muscle joint mobility; strengthens, tones, and builds muscles; corrects posture; strengthens the spine

Chakra Clearing Therapy Chakra Therapy is the basis for any holistic course. Not only does this Chakra clearing course give you an understanding of our energetic bodies and why it is important to keep the seven main Chakras of the body clear and balanced.

Flower Essences & Remedies
This Flower Essences & Remedies course will teach you the fundamentals of flower essences and continue into advanced lectures and applications. You will finish the class very competent in flower remedies and essences and be able to use them

Food Therapies: An Alternative Medicine Humans may alter their usual eating habits for many reasons, including weight loss, disease prevention or treatment, removing toxins from the body, or to achieve a general improvement in physical and mental health.

Herb Gardens Herbs are becoming very popular. People are using them for cooking, medicinal purposes, such as ointments and teas, or just for ornamental plants in the garden. This class will explore the hows, wheres, whens, and whats for herb gardens.

Herbal Beauty Today’s commercial beauty products are expensive. There are also concerns about allergic reactions to the chemical preservatives, synthetic perfumes and artificial colorings used by manufacturers.

How To View And Interpret Auras This course will enable you to view your own aura and the auras of others. You will discover several different techniques that work best, even if you have never done anything like aura viewing before.

Indian Head Massage Indian Head Massage has evolved from traditional Indian techniques used for thousands of years. It is used for stress-management, general relaxation, headache pain, and for its ability to soothe subtle energies.

Newborn & Baby Massage This course was designed with parents and doulas (birth assistants) in mind. If you’re a new mom or dad or even if you have older children, this is an excellent course to help you bond better, ease tensions and stresses.

Reflexology Relieving stress and helping you to relax are two benefits of reflexology. Reflexology has achieved world-wide popularity over the last 10 years.

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