Phases of pathologies reflected on iris


With the constant improvements on technology, every day new tools which are helpful for the field of medicine are released, and Iridology is also being favored by these improvements. One of the most helpful tools for the iridologist these days would be the Iriscope.

The role of iridology camera and iriscope on modern iridology analysis

The Iriscope is a tool employed to analyze with more detail the characteristics of iris, Doctor Bernard Jensen developed the first professional iridology camera which was used to take high quality pictures of the eye, so they can be studied in detail with the help of the chart developed by Doctor Jensen too. Since then many new models have been developed, these days there can be found modern models of iriscope which can be directly connected to the computer through the USB port; such improvements have given place to the computerized digital iridology.

For many years iridologists have worked with the assistance of a magnifying glass to detect the signs presented on the iris, eighty percent of these signs provide the iridologist a genetic blue print which reveals the genetic tendencies like the inherent strengths and weaknesses of the patient. Doctor Jensen with the first Iriscope opened the doors to a new technology capable of providing to the iridologist a more detailed image of the iris, with details and signs which many times cannot be easily detected by making use of a magnifying glass.

Iridology camera Modern iriscopes constitute hybrid equipments which combine a microscope and a digital camera, such equipments are specially designed for an accurate analysis, investigation and the professional practice of iridology. On its role as a camera, the iriscope is capable of capturing an image with a size included on the interval from 1.3 to 10 megapixels of resolution, and on its role as a microscope, the iriscope works with integrated halogen lighting and built-in lens (with magnification from 30X). The lighting system is calibrated for high shutter speed and manual focusing through a rotary focal mechanism which has been especially designed for the kind of lens used by the iriscope.

The EHANG 6100U1 iriscope is a portable iriscope with a high capacity to capture high quality images of iris (1.3 megapixels), the characteristics of the device can be adjusted directly or with the help of its software, it can be connected to the computer through USB port and every picture imported by this device can be analyzed with the help of a basic software which is delivered with the iriscope.

One of the most outstanding characteristics that make the iriscope a very useful tool for naturopaths, iridologists and health professionals, is its capability to virtualize pictures of iris, such pictures are taken with a special light focused from specific angles in a way that these pictures are more detailed, clear and accurate for a posterior analysis and a more precise detection of signs.

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