Phases of pathologies reflected on iris


The manifestation of every disease follows a process which involves a predisposition to certain diseases on the patient, a latency period and a period of symptomatic manifestations which can be of acute or chronic nature. Iridology can help to detect such stages which can be catalogued as:

Inherited or congenital predisposition.
Acute inflammation.
Sub-acute state
Chronic state.
Destructive state.

Inherited or congenital predisposition

This state is manifested due to the presence of darkening in the areas corresponding to organs, separation between the fibers of iris. In many cases the iris of a child is capable of reflecting certain predispositions, for instance it is possible to find closed lacunae which indicate a potential weakness on the organ corresponding to the area where the sign emerges.
Acute inflammation

Iridologic SignsThe acute or hyperactive state corresponds to an organ which is working excessively. It is due to the effort made by the organism to remove the toxins which alter the adequate performance of the organ. The acute state is revealed by the presence of signs of a clear and brilliant color; these manifestations are the result of the rising and swelling of the fibers of the area corresponding to the affected organ. The acute state is the first step in the path to healing, many people try to suppress this state, however it is not recommendable since chemicals only prevent the proper manifestation of symptoms and hinder and adequate recovery.
Sub-acute state

This state follows to an unsuccessful process of toxins removal; it corresponds to the worsening and persistence of acute signs. Sub-acute signs also present a clear coloration, however they present a more frayed aspect, therefore they do not have the bright aspect present in acute signs. The difference between acute and sub-acute signs can be easily perceived in blue eyes; however it is harder to distinguish such difference in brown eyes.
Chronic state

In this state the structure of the stroma is already damaged, the signs corresponding to previous stages acquire a darker color and present pigments and spots which are of toxic nature. In this stage it is possible to observe lacunae with pigmented borders and a generalized darkening of the iris. The signs of this stage present a sunken appearance and they are linked to an increment of the toxemic accumulation on the organ corresponding to the area where the sign has emerged.
Destructive state

In this stage, signs like lacunae and crypts reach the deepest layers of the structure of iris; therefore such signs take even a darker coloration which tends to be black. In this stage it is possible to observe the presence of sliced fibbers revealing destroyed tissue. The destructive or degenerative stage indicates a high degree of hypo-activity which can get worse with the corresponding destruction of tissues, in this stage the tissue has very little functional capacity. Only a very rigorous regime can help a patient in this state to recover an overall balance.

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