Pupil Deformations


Pupil Deformations

Deformations of the pupil are primarily changes that are affecting the inner margin of the iris by paralysis or irritation of the nerves controlling the muscles of the iris. Total deformation, in that the natural form diverges toward an oval shape, is believed to suggest a disturbance with the central nerve association.  Partial deformation, or sectoral flattening, is an indicator for evaluating the condition of the central nervous system in relation to organs whose areas are concentrated in the section of the iris corresponding to the flattened segment. The ordinary functioning of the nerves to all areas of the body can be dispersed by misalignments of the vertebrae. Examination of pupil tonus can identify problem areas of the spine.  A few examples are listed below.

Left Oblique Ellipse

Observe for left-sided paralysis, sexual disturbances, lack of strength and energy in the legs.

Unequal Pupil Diameters

Potential history of diphtheria or meningitis, possible background of hereditary syphilitic damage.

Inferior Temporal flatness

Observe for weakness in arm and shoulder movement, irritation and possible subluxation T1-4, T6   & 7 vertebrae, hepatic insufficiency.  Problems with the movement of both arms and neuralgic pains may be indicated. The cause often stems from the cervical plexus. Muscle twitching along the spinal column can be seen showing nerve impulses being falsely directed. Flatting of the right pupil indicates liver and portal vein problems. Left pupil flattening indicates paralysis of the heart.

Inferior Nasal Flatness

Observe for irritation to the sacral/lumbar region of the spine and associated neural pathways, genito-urinary disturbances, arthritic and rheumatic signs. Flattening of the right pupil indicates sexual over excitement leading to impotence. Flattening of the left pupil, according to Deck, indicates weakness of the bladder and genitals.

Superior Temporal Flatness

Hearing difficulties – possibly due to dilation of the of the cerebral vessels or tumors in the cerebellum, possible subluxation C1-5 vertebrae.

Medial Nasal Flatness

Restriction with breathing with possible heart conditions, possible subluxation C1, T1-4 vertebrae. This pupil shape indicates breathing difficulties, since the vital lung capacity is much lower than normal. These difficulties may manifest as asthma or bronchitis. When the flattened area appears in the right pupil only, it indicates hysteria. When in the left pupil only, shows hypochondriac tendencies. Larger flattened areas in the right pupil show spinal vertebrae weakness and disposition to nervous breakdown. Larger flattened areas in the left pupil show there is a disposition to heart problems through faulty nerve impulses.

More Information on iris color and iris pigmentation can be obtained from obtaining the software program  “Pupils and Pupillary Symptoms”.

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