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iridology chart pdf

Is Iridology Support For Color Changes?

Is Iridology Support For Color Changes?

Looking back it is amazing to me that I thought iridology had any chance scientifically. Once I took a look at the basic anatomy of the eye and nervous system I knew it was impossible to make a change structurally, but what about color? Perhaps the iris did not change itself structurally, but perhaps color changes would be possible to support scientifically. I knew, as stated above, that without special equipment it would be difficult to prove or disprove meaningful color changes in the iris. The question was if anyone had done such observation and if it was found to mean anything.In order to understand any observations on iris color change one must understand the process of developing color in the iris of the eye. The base color of the iris is made up of very dark pigmented cells that are at the underside of the iris which reflect back visual blue light, thus giving the appearance of a blue eye. In albinos, the lack of pigment allows light to reflect off the blood vessels giving a pink reflection. It is the level of pigment in the upper (exterior) levels of the iris that give variation on eye colors from blue-green to dark brown. Just as genes are influential on the level of pigmentation of the skin, so genes have influence on eye color, and the structure of the iris.I was taught as a young iridology student that various colors in the iris were deposits of chemicals.

For example, a rust spot in the iris was a small spot of an injected chemical from a vaccine, or a brilliant yellow spot was the result of a sulfur deposit in the eye from the ingestion of a sulpha drug. The fact is that these spots are collections of melanin; similar to the substance that causes freckles in the skin. Eminent iridologists have written in their works that these spots were found to contain metals and other substances in autopsies. Unless metals or other substances were injected directly in the iris this cannot be true.Based on the fact that iridology does not reflect true anatomy, physiology, or histology of the iris, and based on the fact that iris colors are not determined by nerve input, it became ludicrous for me to believe that iris color is any indication of health in remote organs. Some iridologists suggest that eye color and fiber structure are unchanging and are useful to indicate certain predisposition to mental and physical disorders. These iridologists once again use generalities and other useless methods to describe the usefulness of their method. They unfortunately fail in their attempts at using logic and science correctly.

iridology chart pdf

What Sydney Iridology can do?

What Sydney Iridology can do?

Your genetic potential, health tendencies and predispositions
Nutritional deficiencies, digestive issues and liver and gall bladder function
Circulatory problems and lymphatic congestion
Stress, anxiety, adrenal fatigue and chronic fatigue
Inflammatory conditions, level of acidity in the body and tissue toxicity
Immune system function, blood sugar irregularities and many other conditions

iridology chart pdf

What is Iridology?

What is Iridology?

Iridology (pronounced eye-ri-dology) is the art and science of analyzing the color and structure of the iris to determine tissue integrity throughout the body, thereby gaining valuable health information regarding strengths and weaknesses. Iridologists study the iris, particularly the color, markings, changes and other aspects, as they are associated with tissue degeneration. Iridology is one form of analysis that is non-invasive to the body…requiring to cutting, x-raying or use of any other invasive technique to complete the analysis.

iridology chart pdf

Who can use Iridology?

Who can use Iridology?

Acupuncturists to help them know the areas of the body that would benefit from acupressure or acupuncture;
Colon hydrotherapists to help them know the genetic predisposition of the bowel;
Medical doctors and nurses to help them know the overall genetic strengths and deficiencies in the body;
Parents to help them know how to guide their families in the best nutritional plan for each member.
Chiropractors to help them to better know the parts of the spine that need adjustment;
Massage therapists to help them know the parts of the body that need therapeutic massage;
Naturopaths to help them know the parts of the body that need natural remedies;
Nutritionists to help them know the parts of the body that need specific types of nutrients;
Homeopaths to help them know the areas of the body that may need a remedy.

iridology chart pdf

Iridology, is it nonsense?

Iridology, is it nonsense?

Some opponents of iridology have stated that Iridology is “non-sense” but is this really the case?

First of all let’s look at the facts, most of these critics have absolutely no education or formal training in the science of Iridology yet they have a negative opinion.

They cite several poorly designed Iridology studies that have been reported in Western scientific medical journals. These studies based their evaluations on outdated principles and in many cases, employed Iridologists who had insufficient or outdated training.

Iridology, like most sciences, is constantly evolving, as new information and studies become available this does not however mean that Iridology is invalid.

The adverse effects from these negative research studies have been very destructive to the science and practice of Iridology, especially in the United States. Researchers often find these negative studies as the only sources of information on which to base their opinions.

Often times some of the same critics that claim Iridology is “non-sense” are the ones who are still debating whether or not the use of, Herbs, Chiropractic, and Acupuncture are valid forms of health care.

Meanwhile in countries such as Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom and many Asian countries, have a much greater acceptance of Iridology. In fact, the Russian Government has sponsored Iridology research and has found it to be extraordinarily accurate. Many Medical Doctor’s in these countries have been using Iridology in their practice for decades.

Those who have studied the science and given it an open and unprejudiced consideration have discovered an amazingly useful, non-invasive, analytical tool.

It is of the utmost importance that a person uses good judgment when selecting an Iridologist. They must be sure that their Iridologist is properly trained with the most up to date information by an established and reputable institution.

Used correctly, iridology gives the individual, information concerning their overall health level that is not available in any other way. An iridologist’s services are an important element in a total, holistic health care program.

iridology chart pdf

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