Right eye. Recently went to see an Amish Iridologist


Right eye. Recently went to see an Amish IridologistRight eye. Recently went to see an Amish Iridologist. Please look at my eye and tell me what you all think

Thanks everyone. I went to him because I have horrible migraines, I was told I am borderline diabetic and I can’t lose weight.

rlene you need to watch the top holistic healer youtube videos and educate yourself on how our body works. Start by this video and watch it a few times. Good Luck Be Well!

Digestive cleanse is needed polyps in intestinal area ascending colon. constriction in the small intestine, liver is overtaxed. Glandular support, perhaps you may feel angry about something, driven to trigger foods from this problem. Digestive, glandular and circulatory support. Avoid white flour sugar and watch carbohydrate intake. We tend to crave the foods that make us sick. CO Q10 is a thought for circulatory, bowel cleanse, glandular support essential oil or digestive support. Milk Thistle for bowl support.


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