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iriscope.org(MAIKONG CO.LTD) scientific-tech limited 2004 Inernation iridology health association is the factory which produce ranges of  Iriscope and endoscope which used in clinic, hospital and Vetamin store, etc.  based on our powerful searching and developing Team , as well as good cooperation with other Electronic and mould building companies, now we provide OEM, ODM for clients all over the world. with the selling going now we have branches in Hongkong , England, USA Canada, the Local people can easily order our products.

With the growth of the trading, our own products cannot meet our clients, now we set up buying office to do service for the people want to buy materials and goods from China. anything you want to buy please send us the pictures and detail parameters of the goods, our goal is to provide perfect goods with reasonable price for you.

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we have professional stuffs to give you great advice
The purchaser includes: cosmetics company, equipment supplier, medical person, direct sale company, salon owner, electronics selling companies(which sell the USB Key, Driver, MP4 MP3 Multi-media player, SD ,MMC TF Mini memory Card )  etc.


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