She had seen an Iridologist about 20 years ago


She had seen an Iridologist about 20 years ago 1 She had seen an Iridologist about 20 years ago2

here are some pics from my mother. She had seen an Iridologist about 20 years ago and is very interested in anything someone has thoughts on!
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The left one is the left and right one is the right eye.
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Also, if anyone feels like I’m kind of spamming this page, you can delete this, I don’t want to blow up the board, but yeah.
Colon is not smooth. Probably a lot of gas. do not drink with your meals. Any concerns with the heart?

She is in an Acid state in this picture. .I would suggest that she start taking her Ph reading Every three hours. . So she can bring her Ph Levels up and stay there .No coffee .No sugar…more exercise.. Over all Well. Slight vitamin B deficiency .. Easily manageable ..Not to concerned. No major organ issues….Acid stomach and Lymphatic system..i believe she can be help greatly by not drinking caffeinated Drinks .

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