Strength and weakness revealed by iris density


Strength and weakness revealed by iris density

One of the main general signs that should be observed while reading the iris is the density it has; the density is the expression of texture state of the tissue of the iris. Essentially, density can be defined by the amount of iridologic signs that are found on the iris like lacunes and crypts, such signs emerge due to looser connective fibers, when the whole picture is observed without considering the signs presented by each area, it is possible to gather more information about the general constitutional state of the body.

Therefore, density of iris reveals the levels of vitality, strength, resistance and the ability of the person to regain a healthy state. Density of iris is genetically determined and it can be observed from an early age.
Silk density

An iris with this density does not present undulations or lacunae or any other sign of irritation. Fibers on an iris with this constitution appear compact and finely interconnected. This density reflects high constitutional force, with a great capacity to recover from any disease. People with an iris with this kind of density can enjoy a long and healthy life.
Silk-Linen density

Fibers appear undulated and it is possible to observe small lacunae and light colored signs on an iris with a linen density. The undulation on the fibbers appears due to the separation between them, such signs indicate the presence of weakness or irritation on certain areas, with the possibility of the emergence of acute diseases. In general this type of density is associated with a good overall prognosis. This density can be observed more clearly on blue eyes since when the iris presents pigmentations it is more difficult to observe the fibbers.
Linen density

Iridologic Rings This type of density reveals the presence lacunae and signs related to weakness. Most people have silk-linen density or linen density. The linen density indicates a moderated inherited constitutional weakness, considered in general as a normal prognosis.
Sackcloth density

An iris with this density presents a great amount of signs, especially lacunae. Lacunae positioned in a symmetric disposition surrounding the collarette give place to the “daisy petal” pattern which reveals weakness and deficiencies on gastrointestinal system, glandular system and irregularity on digestive processes, people with this density also have a tendency to hypoglycemia.

Radial fibers of iris are often deviated from their path, invading neighboring sectors, indicating a clearly state constitutional weakness; such signs should be assessed along with other signs related to the possible emergence of a disease. People with this density tend to recover from illness with difficulty, in many cases recovery is not completed due to the limited constitutional strength of the individual.
Net density

An iris with this density presents alveolar cavities and eventually the presence of crypts. Fibers can follow an aberrant trajectory deviating themselves from the radial axis of the iris. The structure of iris tissue is bad, it presents irregularities, crypts and other signs. In the scale of classification, the net density is the worst density, though it does not indicate illness, it reveals a high level of weakness on the individual.

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