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iridology chart high resolution

Iridology and Nutrition: A Personalized Diet through Iridology

Iridology and Nutrition: A Personalized Diet through Iridology

Every cell, tissue and organ of the body has its nutritional requirements. They require specific nutrients in correct combinations to work at their best. When the body is not fed properly, certain elements become depleted and the body begins to suffer. The iris reflects these nutritional needs and the skilled iridologist can see them. Iridology takes much of the guess work from your food choices and better prepares your body for the future.

All tissues change according to the nutritional program applied and the living habits a person practices. Improper living habits undermine the body until it is unable to hold up under stress.
Iridology points out where the inherent weaknesses are and what is needed nutritionally to strengthen them. When the organs and tissues are fed the correct nutrients and receive the proper rest, healing can begin to take place.

As an example, people with loose iris fibers, referred to in iridology as the, “connective type”, can help their body by consuming extra amounts of bioflavonoids either by eating more fruits or through supplementation. Connective types would also benefit from cabbage juice which is high, in a lesser known Vitamin known as, vitamin P. Another way Iridology may help an individual with a more personalized nutrition plan, is by iris color. For example, through decades of Iridology research it has been noted that many people with dark brown eyes benefit from focusing on eating more blood building type foods such as kale, spinach, alfalfa and chlorella.

Iridology can help anyone personalize their diet. As always remember that Iridology is not to be used alone but along with the help and guidance of your qualified health care professional.

Iridology is intended to empower you with personal information necessary to live a life of vibrant health!

iridology chart high resolution

bernardjensen Services

bernardjensen Services

Nutritional Consultation
Iris Analysis
Iris Photography
Educational Programs
Referral Programs
Cleansing FAQ
Skin Brushing

Bernard Jensen International offers highly recognized and sought after health and well being services. Some of the most popular services include private nutritional consultations with Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen. This is where you have an opportunity to privately discuss any health conditions and well being improvement goals you have. During your nutritional consultation Dr. Tart-Jensen can personalize a program to help you meet your health and wellness goals.

You will also find specialized services in Iris analysis and Iris photography. Learn how and where you can get access to these specialty services below.

One of the most important service offerings are Bernard Jensen International educational programs. Multiple seminars in nutrition, iridology, iris analysis and cleansing are provided throughout the year. You will also find Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen frequently speaking and educating at various conferences throughout the world. Check our events calendar to see what upcoming educational opportunities are available.

Click on the links above to access the popular services to support you in your healing journey.

iridology chart high resolution

Iridology and Natural Health

Iridology and Natural Health

iridology chart high resolution

NYCI Iridology Training

NYCI Iridology Training

Please call 212 968 0231 for for tuition information or email us using the form here. The current schedule is available online.

NYCI offers a certification course of studies in Clinical Iridology (ask us about this term). The full Course of Studies includes three classroom Modules, Practicums, and Skill Transfer Assurance (internship) activities. Classes in NYC are held on weekends and repeat five times a year.

Module 1 — Basic Iridology concepts, including Ocular Biomarkers

Module 2 — Iridology concepts applied to the major body systems

Module 3 — Advanced concepts including the difficult dark brown iris

Professional Seminars in Iridology for graduate students

Can’t come to NYC?

Try InteractiveLive, the Internet’s first and only Iridology Certification training with a live teacher. See and talk with your teacher as though you were in a NYC class. Connect your PC via video and desktop collaboration tools (Skype and Yugma are free) and start learning without the disappointment of old fashioned correspondence courses or distance learning. You’ve tried webinars (too stilted), CDs (can’t ask questions!) and know what you want — InteractiveLive!
Call Harvey at 212 968 0231 for eligibility, noon to 8 pm EST.

iridology chart high resolution

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