The application and development of iridology observation (1)


The application and development of iridology observation (1)
According to the history, 3000 thousand years ago China and India researched and investigated on the reaction of sense organs. Eyes and changes of iris were the researched target.
In the grave of Pharaoh Tutankhamen (King of Old Egypt, BC 1392-1400), a silver plate with imagine of iris was discovered by G. Gater in 1922. In addition, Pharaoh��s wizard ElAx��E.Velkhover��was a iridology diagnostician, he could predict and diagnosed on the basic of iridology and his diagnosis has been widespread to Babylon, Tibet, India, China and other regions.
Wizard ElAx��s silver plate and papyrus has been stored in Vatican Library in Harvard University, and the information is the earliest reference about iridology. At that time wizard was really specific in the area of medical knowledge. They have described more than 300 kinds of diseases, diagnosis, cure and prevention. And we can learn form the statuary of Pharaohs and wizards�� iris structure was regarded in Old Egypt, most of statuaries in Cairo national museum have colorful and clear eyes, and every eye is different.
In another case, Iris structure was in account when Alexander chose soldiers according to notes taken by Dr. Macedonia. Ptholemeus, Alexander the Great, and his workmate kept this knowledge and transferred it into Old Rome after conquering Egypt.
Ptholemeus 11 the great tried in searched the relation between structure of eye and universal, and no reference about this was saved in his adherent, Ptholemeus Klaudius�� note. His note recorded about the diseases and the medical care of Tibet, it also recorded the situation of Skin, tongue, ear, eyes, muscle movement when an individual was sick, especially it recorded iridology diagnosis could told information about different organs and health. And the brightness of iris means the level of the health.
Tibet doctors take attention to relation between the changes of liver and the changes of iris, they judges the damages according to the changes of iris and pupil. Abnormal sclera and lower half pupil are seen as the dedication of blood disease, and abnormal sclera and right pupil are considered as the dedication of liver disease. Eye is the windows of soul; it dedicates the situation of health. Dark eye stands for sick while clear eye stands for healthy. Wizards ElAx, Aristotle, Hyppocratust and Heraclitus had described a lot of interesting iris dedication.
Vesalius(1514-1564), famous natural historian in middle ages, had a note about the iris of lying person.
Paracelsus (Fillip Teophrast1493-1541), founder of Medicine (about the science of drug), philosopher and alchemist, left a lot of record for iris of patients, but it is a pity there was not any optic-machines so that he could not took deeper researches. The inventor of microscope, Antuan von Levenguk (1632-1732), had contributed to the development of Iridology Diagnosis.
In 1670 Physical Scientist Filipp Meyens promoted the development of iridology with the help of magnifier and published a book include the diagnosis about eye and eyebrow. He divided the eye into 2 parts and 4 areas vertically, and each area contained the reaction of several organs. and Dr. Mac Leiden from Holland primarily described the brain and lung effectively in Euro.

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