The application and development of iridology observation


The application and development of iridology observation (1)
Bernard Jensen (1908-2001) is outstanding in iridology. MD Bernard Jensen is Natural physician, nutritionist, massage therapy doctor, philosopher and researcher and author of iridology. He extended iridology to different world. His book described the details of iridology without any equipment and gathers a lot of experience on confirming disease situation. The main advantages of iridology are combination of physical, examination for the lacuna and the damage of structure. In the iris we can find the dislocation and the appearances of inchoate disease, so that the patients could take correct cure as early as possible.
MD Bernard Jensen investigated more than 350.000 patients in 60 years, Iridology Chart he developed is the most widely used in the world, for the structure for the chart, the density and color of iris and other features have been confirmed by the clinical practice, his theory contains the iris feature to dedicate generated physique and explanation of symptoms, and his theory is the basic of iridology today. In 1951 he made great contribution to the development of iridology in the way of gathering all the iridology researchers and natural medical doctor and setting up the International Association of Iridologists and Natural Medicine Doctors (FIA).
Besides MD Bernard Jensen, there are other pioneers of iridology. J. Deck��Germany��is one of them, he worked in iridology research for more than 40 years, he had 2 bookmaking ��The Fundamentals Of Iridodagnostics����1965��and ��Differential Iridodagnostics����1980���� which were the research results of morphology, genetics and clinical iris investigation. In addition, he established a lab in Ettlingen, Germany which was mainly for iridology education and iridology research and he is the life of the party in European Iridology.
P.Dimkov(1886-1979), Bulgaria, is one of the representative men. He is a medical expert, and his brief for cure is to cure the disease completely instead of symptoms. And he has developed Iridology Diagnosis and medical cure, these reference we can learn from his book ��Eye Diagnostics��(1977)and 3 volume ��Natural Medicne And Life On The Laws Of Nature��(1991).
E.Velkhover, natural medical professor, Russia, first discovered the subjectivity and limitation. Iris Clinical Examination developed by him and his follower could be used by both old and modern medical. In 1977 he established People��s Friendship University and in 1990 he presented 12 disquisitions and a book about iridology ��Clinical Iridology��. In the history, his book acts an important role, and he trained more 2000 iridology doctors in 25 different countries.
Modern Iridology is closely connective with computer technology. In 1986 Russia, USA, Italy, Czech, Ukraine used computer to take iris imagines and assist to analyze. Nowadays many analysis software and camera equipments have been developed, and iridology has been widespread, for there are many associations tried their best to stimulate the development of this technology like The special journals ��Iriscorrespondent����(M.Madaus).����International iridologist����(B.Jensen)��Iridodiagnsosis(E.Velkhover).
At present, Iridology and Holography Technology has been regulated as a program of CETTIC, which promote the development and widespread of Iridology and Holography Technology, and now it has been used not only in hospital but also in family for its science, practicality, convenience and so on.

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