The Collarette – “Autonomic Nerve Wreath”


The Autonomic Nerve Wreath

The collarette or “Autonomic Nerve Wreath” is one of the most important landmarks that an Iridologist will analyze. The collarette is exemplified as a vascular analog for the autonomic nervous system. This circular phenomena is described as a representative for the exchange of nutrients and toxic material between the intestinal tract and the humors of the body. This would also include the collarette serving as an index  for the lining of the intestinal tract and autonomic nervous system.

Just a few Autonomic Nerve Wreath Examples are listed below. More information about the Autonomic Nerve Wreath can be obtained from CNRI Educational Programs.

Indented Collarette

Represents a narrowing of the pupillary zone. Also known as the Centripetal type, a tendency towards hypertonicity (tenseness) of the gastrointestinal tract with a disposition to the spastic variety of constipation.

Lateral Distention

Tendency towards weak intestinal peristalsis with slow transit time. Potential colon prolapsus,  cardio-abdominal symptoms, dysbacteria and dysfunction of the ANS fibers in the muscular coats of the intestine. If distention is seen in the left iris, disturbances of the spleen and /or pancreas tail may be found. Lower capacity to digest small amounts of food are indicated. When distention is found in the right iris, disturbances of liver metabolic functions may be detected. A tendency towards hemorrhoids may be indicated.

Ventral Distention

Indicates a slackening of the Tonus of the abdominal blood vessels. Tendency towards hemorrhoids, enteroptosis, prostate hypertrophy, low back pains, energetic weakness in lower extremities.

Bilateral Distention

Indicates a slackening of the small and large intestines. Tendency towards chronic atonic constipation, dysbacteria and flatulence.

Zig-Zag Collarette

Represents  a hyperkinetic gastrointestinal tract that can include accelerated transit time, spastic constipation and colic. Psychological tendencies such as mood swings and anxiousness.

Collarette Structure


Denotes a lightened or thickened collarette representing an irritable autonomic nervous system. It is an indication of decompensation mechanisms in the GI tract, such as dysfermentia, flatulence, increased peristalsis and painful spasms. A very bright collaratte may be significant of over-acidity in the GI tract leading to allergic states, food intolerance’s and a variety of “itis” type conditions.

Parallel Track

Also known as the double collarette, represents psychoneurotic and psychosomatic tendencies. This is inherited characteristic and there may be family history of apathy, depression and suicide. If this sign is found temporally or medially, possible nervous asthma, cardiac rhythmic disorders and cardiac neurosis may be indicated.

Sectoral Absence

A poorly defined or absent collarette indicates an insufficient autonomic nervous system with inhibited regulatory capacity. Reaction and resistance to negative influences is usually difficult.

There is often association with psycho-emotional disturbances producing hopelessness and fatigue symptoms. If detected in children, possibilities of intestinal colic, low calcium absorption, bode development disturbances, stomach \ appetite weakness, food intolerance’s, nausea, excess catarrh, may be indicated.   A sectoral absence may be interpreted as inhibition of enzyme synthesis in the digestive tract with poor vitamin absorption, especially vitamin A.


The funnel type appearance is an indication of weak muscle and connective tissue. Possible hernias and other tissue displacements may be considered.

More Information on iris color and iris pigmentation can be obtained from obtaining the software program  “The Autonomic Nerve Wreath”.

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