The Colors of Iris iridology


The color of iris is decided by the pigmentation and distributing of iris tissue. At first, there are only 2 kinds of colors, blue and brown. Between blue and brown there are many color changes, someone has the color of mixture of 2 colors for his or her parents have different iris colors. According to the iridology analysis, the iris color means the basic colors of iris and external factors which affect the colors.Except blue and brown, other colors of iris comes from the marriages of different countries, and the colors of iris keep increasing while the pure colors of iris are reducing. At present, the color of iris has increased to more than 10, like brown, dark brown, blue, light blue, gray, like gray and so on.Beside the congenital genetic factor, postnatal life habits and medical pigmentation will has influence to the color changes of iris, for example, white, yellow, green, ochre, red, black and so on, and different area of iris has different meaning related to body health.

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