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How long does a consultation take?

How long does a consultation take?

When an iris analysis is completed as part of a comprehensive health evaluation, the appointment time is normally about two hours. If an individual wants only an iris analysis without a comprehensive health consultation, the appointment is normally one hour.

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Who can use Iridology?

Who can use Iridology?

Acupuncturists to help them know the areas of the body that would benefit from acupressure or acupuncture;
Colon hydrotherapists to help them know the genetic predisposition of the bowel;
Medical doctors and nurses to help them know the overall genetic strengths and deficiencies in the body;
Parents to help them know how to guide their families in the best nutritional plan for each member.
Chiropractors to help them to better know the parts of the spine that need adjustment;
Massage therapists to help them know the parts of the body that need therapeutic massage;
Naturopaths to help them know the parts of the body that need natural remedies;
Nutritionists to help them know the parts of the body that need specific types of nutrients;
Homeopaths to help them know the areas of the body that may need a remedy.

best iridology camera

Sydney Iridology Pricing

Sydney Iridology Pricing

The prices below correspond to the services we offer which include:

Iridology Assessment
Naturopathic Clinic
Herbal Medicine
Clinical Nutrition (Dietary advice, dietary modification, diet plans, detox programs, weight loss programs, mental health programs, respiratory health, digestive system health and nutritional supplements.)

Initial Consultation

$180 – 1hr
$320 – 1hr consult plus Essential Signs Iris Report (one week preparation turnaround)
$480 – 1hr consult plus Full Iris Report (two weeks preparation turnaround)
All initial consultations are now prepaid.
Your allocated day and time will be secure once we receive your payment via direct bank deposit or credit card (credit card attracts a $5 fee).
Fees will be forfeited if the appointment is cancelled or rescheduled less than one week prior to the appointment’s date.

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