The Frontal Neuroendocrine IPB Tissues


The Frontal Neuroendocrine IPB Tissues
Some of the morphologies tissues appeared in solitary form and usually unilateral sign, they are tend to present in the frontal section of the IPB tissues. Please identify the morphologies were attached on the frontal aspect of the IPB…If you identified a distortion, deviation or multiple morphologies on the frontal section of the IPB that indicate your client genetically facing more emotional issues, physical deficiency, endocrine imbalance, PNEI inequilibrium, poor reserve energy and psychosomatic difficulties.
a) John Andrews – The Inner Pupillary Border & its Morphologies
b) Dr. Daniele Lo Rito – Inner Pupiliary Border
The Frontal Neuroendocrine IPB Tissues 2

The Frontal Neuroendocrine IPB Tissues 3

The Frontal Neuroendocrine IPB Tissues

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