The most accurate iridology chart at present



The father of iridology Bernard Jensen from USA is a famous expert who stimulated the development of iridology research. He used his own positioning method to diagnose 300.000 persons, it is more accurate than any other iridology chart, and it has be accepted by iridology academician allover the world, his iridology is the widest used iridology chart in China.
Bernard Jenson is a nutritionist and he is the pioneer of iridology. He concluded the experience of forefathers and developed the most detailed and complete iridology chart, and it dedicates the relation between areas of iris and organs.
His iridology chart is still the most accurate, and it is widely used in clinical area. The confirmation part by most experts takes 85%, and 10% of it needs more discussion, and 5% of it needs to be filled with.

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