The organization of eyeball (iridlolgy)


The organization of eyeball (iridlolgy)

Human�� eyes are like ball, located in eye socket. The fore-and-aft eyeball diameter of adult is 24mm averagely while up-and-down is 23mm. Eyeball is protected by eyelid, the eyeball includes exophthalmoses, intracavity and content of eyes, nerves, blood vessels and so on.
Exophthalmoses consist of 3 parts, inside, middle, and outside. Outside chain is made of cornea and sclera��the Outside chain acts a role as maintaining the figure of eyeball and protecting inner organization of eyeball. 1 sixth of the front is crystal cornea; cornea is the front entry for receiving information. Cornea is the crystal part in the front. And the other part is call eye white normally while medical professor call it sclera. Sclera is made of compact dense collagen fiber organization. It is not crystal, ivory, hard and tough.
Middle chain is called tunicae uveae, vascular coat of eyeball uvea; it is made up of rich pigment and blood vessel. It contains three parts, iris, ciliary body and choroids. Iris is like a round circle, at the front of tunicae uveae, located infront of lens. In the middle there is a 2.5-4mm round hole called pupil. Ciliary body connects to the root of iris at the front, and choroids at the back, sclera outboard, inboard it connects to lens through suspensor ligaments. Choroids are in the middle of sclera and retina. The blood of choroids flows around the outer shell of retina, its rich pigments could shelter from the light.
Inside chain is retina, which is a crystal chain; it is the first stop when the nerve information appears. It has fine structure and rich metabolize function and physique function. Retina��s axis opticus points to the center of fovea. Fovea area is the most acuity area on retina, its diameter is between 1-3mm, in the middle there is a small concave. 3MM away from Nasal side of fovea area there is a light red area and its diameter is about1.5MM, which is called optic disk. Optic disk is where optic fiber assembles; there isn��t any sensitometer so it is the certain blind area, so it is called blind spot.

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