The role of iridology on preventive medicine


The role of iridology on preventive medicine

The role of iridology on preventive medicine

An iridology analysis reveals genetic potentialities and weaknesses, irritated and congested areas on different systems including the digestive system. Iridology plays a very important role on preventive medicine, which is very sought by many people who want to enjoy a plenty and healthy life. According to the opinion of Chelsea Summers, who is a prestigious columnist of the “Azerbaijan international”, an unquestionable reality is that all governments around the world are struggling trying to find the best way to reduce the cost associated to medical care.

In relation to such a subject, Summers says that preventive medicine is clearly a key factor to reduce costs related to medical care while at the same time the quality of medical service is improved, she also says that a diagnosis technique focused on preventive treatment is iridology.

Iridology plays an important role on preventive medicine because it helps the therapist to identify, through the study of the constitution of iris, the diseases to which the person is predisposed. Iridology reveals the presence of inflammation, the tissue that is being affected by such inflammation, and the degree of the inflammation.

Iridology is also capable of revealing the process of healing, providing the therapist and the patient a non invasive technique to study the body from outside and qualitatively determine the conditions and systemic weaknesses which are occurring inside the organism even before the emergence of symptomatic manifestations.

Iridology Even though the skepticism of some people, iridology is based on a wide knowledge provided by medicine at an anatomical level, since it is possible to detect the level of toxicity or inflammation in determined areas of the iris due to the existing connection between each area of iris and each tissue in the body.

The work of many professionals such as Ignatz Von Peczley and Bernard Jensen through the history of iridology, it is possible to identify accurately each area corresponding to each system, organ or tissue, there have been developed Iridology charts which correspond to each one of both iris, therefore the iridologist takes a closer look of each eye or takes a picture of each one of them, and the chart is employed to identify the correspondence of areas which present signs associated to any kind of imbalance in the organism.

The information provided by the signs revealed by iris is complimented by a medical history created with the information provided by the patient; such information includes habits, family medical background and other details which can provide the therapists more information regarding the imbalances. The goal of the iridologist consists on identifying such imbalances in a timely manner in order to help the patient to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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