The Source of Iridology Chart


Iridology was started in Hungary in 1861 when Ignatz Peczely found an owl with a broken leg.  He noticed a black furrow in its iris.  When the owl was cured he let it back into wild.  At that time the furrow has became a fine, crooked white furrow.  When the boy grew up and became a doctor, he started to realize that his patients had the same appearances in their irises but different illness has different appearances. As time passed he has made a chart about the relation between iris and body.

At the same time a 14-year-old Swedish boy, Nils Liljequist got ill after vaccination. So he received treatment and took medicine like quinine and other potent drugs. When he got better he found that his iris changed.  Many years after his ribs got hurt and his iris color changed again. In 1893 he published over 258 drawings in an atlas describing his opinion on the relation between iris and body.
The first Iridology Chart Developed by Hungarian Physician,Ignatz von Peczely

From 1800 years ago, iridology developed rapidly, a lot of scientists and doctors researched about iridology, correct and improve iridology chart. Iridology developed on the basic of scientific observation, it could not pass scientific research for it could not provide information about clinical research. With the existing knowledge it is impossible to answer all the questions.

Dr. Bernard Jensen is the pioneer of iridology research in USA. He developed the 1st iridology chart, and it dedicated the relation between organs and iris. Today his iridology chart is still the most accurate.

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