The toxic in body and the changes of iris iridology performance


The toxic in body and the changes of iris�� performance
The toxic in body could be defined as internal toxic and external toxic.
Internal toxic means the harmful matters in body. In the process of metabolize for sugar, protein, fat, the wastes are being produced constantly, like Lactic Acid, ketonic acid, uric acid, free radical and so on. In addition, the extra fat will produce some old and necrotic cell and cancer cell.
External toxic are mainly from plant toxic, virus toxic, animal toxic and fungal toxic. In addition, some of harmful matters from environment pollution are bad for our health, like air pollution (tail gas of the automobile, industry dust, dust ECT.); water pollution (the polluted water of life and industry); food pollution (Pesticides, fertilizers, food processing, etc.); side effect of chemical medicine; microorganism (bacteria, virus and so on). All the harmful matters get into our body in different ways, and poison our body. If we don��t take any action to clear these matters and allow them to accumulate, our body will get into sub health, once the balance of health is broken, it will lead to destroy of health and disease.

The toxic in body mainly include: (1) Heavy metals (2) Bacteria (3) leavening, overmuch protein and the waste in body. These toxic will lead the headache, the increasing of weight, astriction, bad sentiments, splash on face, insomnia, bad fixate, depression without reasons and so on.
(1) Heavy metals
The aggradations in body are mainly from environmental pollution, like the tail gas, the leftover of Pesticides and cleaning agents, dental filling with azoth, the usage of aluminum pot, lots of preserved food and long time for using bad face-painting. All the matters above include lead, mercury, aluminum, cadmium. The stockpile in body will affect the brain, kidney and immune system.

(2) Bacteria
Bacteria is the only one Single-cell microbes prokaryotic which could survive externally in the kinds of animalcule, its diameter is about 1MM. Bacteria has the feature against certain medicine, some of bacteria is the origin of disease while most is not.

(3) Leavening
Leavening and overmuch protein are for bad diet. When the food could not be absorbed completely, so it will accumulate in body and become toxic, so it will cause heavy burden of liver and intestine and stomach. The dejection of intestine is one of the toxics. Healthy intestine contains 85% of lactobacillus and 15% of colitis. Normally, lactobacillus could help large intestine wriggle and promote common defecation.
If the dejection can not pass out between 12 and 24 hours, it will perish, ferment and metamorphose in intestine, and your intestine will become the best place for the bacteria��s breeding. The longer they stay, the more harmful it will be. In addition, the more toxic you absorb, the weaker you will get, and you will get tired easily, even get sick.

 The toxic in body and the changes of iris iridology  performance

The toxic in body and the changes of iris iridology performance

Do you want to know more about the situation of the toxic in your body?
Here are some tips for you to learn the situation of the toxic in your body.
1. Not able to get naturally, and feel tired after getting up.
2. Easy to get fat, especially at the haunch and abdomen.
3. Weak intestine and stomach, easy to get astriction and diarrhea.
4. Easy to inflame, like Bad breath, throat swelling and pain, hoarse voice, oral ulcers and so on.
5. Color spot, pachulosis, itching skin, and whelk.
6. Always feel tired, tight chest and difficult to breath.
7. Difficult to sleep and always dream at sleeping.
8. Feel immunization get weak.
When you have more than 5 appearances as above, it means there is toxic stockpiling in your body, you need to clear up.
With the help of iridology machine you can learn the situation of the toxic in your body easily.
Iris is a mirror for human��s health, is the display screen of you inner organs. When there is too much toxic in your body, the area of intestine will get dark, the color of iris is not clear enough. Using iridology machine to examine health is a good method, it could help you to find out the health problems easily and fast, especially in the testing the location of toxic. Solving the potential problems is helpful to achieve the aim of prevention.

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