This is a group for those interested in learning more about Iridology.


This is a group for those interested in learning more about Iridology. Please write in English so the administrator of the page can evaluate posts. Also, please refrain from posting marketing/sales materials for your equipment and classes. If you want a FB page to market your stuff, please create one.

To folks attempting to sell equipment on this group, I will remove and delete those who post sale items. Why? Because it has been my experience equipment/media/software is questionable. New iridology students can be and have been swindled out of large sums of money. This has been my personal experience. Even if the product is the best, I cannot evaluate everything.

My intention is to protect those in this group from the ignorant or unscrupulous. Whether the seller is a predator and meant to sell an outdated iris camera, equipment or not, is beyond me to know.

Thank you for respecting the guidelines of this group. Please write about your experiences with/thoughts on iridology here!

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