this was 2 months ago iridology images


Something may have happened to you at the age of 15 and also 20. It may be leaving you feel overpowered by others or upset at what someone did to you/someone else. You may feel closed in or keep much to yourself. Watch sugar intake and carbs break down into sugar, try consuming vegetables,perhaps do a detox. You can do this with cleansing, juicing, taking the diet down to just salads and watching dressings. Much sugar in dressing, feeds yeast and yeast growth can make you crave certain foods.

We can discuss this as such for entertainment purposes. Otherwise, please consult with a qualified health practitioner you trust for a diagnosis and recommendations.


this was 2 months ago iridology images

this was 2 months ago iridology images

Rebekah Keller Why did you post that on all my pics? Obviously no one thinks you are getting a diagnosis from a Fb comment.
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Robert Lindell I must say this iris is as beautiful as our nationflag yellow and blue! Need some work with kidneys, and lymfatic area
March 8 at 5:38pm · Like
Andrejka Nc Rebecca, I am posting on all iris pics because of harassment by a new member complaining about this being done..even though she is an iridologist who has offered diagnosis here that she is complaining about. I say we are doing this for entertainment since this group is being picked on.

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