USB Iridology Camera Professional


USB Iridology Camera Professional

USB Iridology Camera Professional USB Iridology Camera Professional USB Iridology Camera Professional USB Iridology Camera Professional

Maikong USB Iridology Camera Professional Pros:

* Aesthetically pleasing and innovative design
* LED illuminator around the lens
* Imported lens coating
* 12.0 MP high resolution CCD sensor
* Dedicated DSP image processor, optical image stabiliser
* Single capture button and digital pause capture.
* Adjustable focus to provide sharp images.
* Automatic white balance and contrast adjustment, colour temperature filter
* Dual image comparison function
* 3D negative shooting mode
* Equipped with a 30X aperture lens.
* Provides clear and accurate images.
* Easy to operate.
* Maximum resolution: 2560×1920
* Operating system: Win7. Wi8. Win10. Win11, Apple MAC OS.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. what is your warranty? What will you do if I make a mistake?

A: If there is a mistake and it doesn’t work, please show us the pictures and we will replace the relevant spare part or new spare part accordingly. If you want a refund, that is also negotiable.

2.What is your minimum order quantity?

A: The minimum order quantity is 1 piece, but the quantity of OEM package should be 100 pieces or more.

3.What payment terms do you accept?

A: We accept Western Union, TT ($30 handling fee), Paypal (4.5% handling fee).

4. What shipping methods can you provide?

A: We can ship the goods by air/express according to customers’ requirements. We can ship the goods through Guangzhou port.

5.Do you do OEM or ODM?

A: Yes, we can provide all kinds of OEM/ODM packaging and labelling.

USB Iridology Camera Professional USB Iridology Camera Professional

Product Details:

Place of Origin China
Brand Name MAIKONG
Certification CE
Model Number MAIKONG12MP
Maximum resolution 3840*2880
feature 4 LED/2 LED lamps control
Pixels 12MP
language English / Spanish
software with pro Analysis software



Handset  1pc
30X Iris Lens    1pc
Aluminum Box  1pc
Lens protective cover   1pc
User Manual   1pc
CD (Driver and Pro Analysis Software)  1pc
Software USB KEY   1pc



As technology continues to advance, traditional medical practices like iridology are also adopting modern tools to enhance their effectiveness. The USB Iridology Camera Professional is a groundbreaking device that revolutionizes the way iridologists analyze the iris. In this article, we will delve into the history, working principle, advantages, iris interpretation steps, and the use of iridology software. We will also discuss who can benefit from this technology and its application in various industries.

History of the USB Iridology Camera Professional

The USB Iridology Camera Professional emerged as a result of the integration of technology into iridology. It builds upon the foundation of traditional iris examination, which dates back to ancient Egypt, China, and Greece. Over the years, iridologists have relied on manual examination to analyze the various patterns and structures of the iris. With the advent of modern cameras and software, this process has been streamlined and made more accurate.

USB Iridology Camera Professional

USB Iridology Camera Professional

Working Principle

The USB Iridology Camera Professional utilizes high-resolution imaging technology to capture detailed images of the iris. Equipped with advanced sensors, it can capture the minutest details, such as pigmentations, textures, and crypts. These images are then transferred to a computer using a USB connection, where they can be further analyzed using iridology software.

Advantages of the USB Iridology Camera Professional

1. High Precision: The camera’s high-resolution imaging ensures precise capture of iris details. 2. Time-saving: The device eliminates the need for manual iris examination, significantly reducing analysis time. 3. Enhanced Accuracy: By digitizing iris images, the camera minimizes human error during interpretation. 4. Record Keeping: The camera allows for efficient storage and retrieval of iris images for future reference.

Iris Interpretation Steps

1. Preparation: Ensure proper lighting conditions and focus the camera on the iris.

2. Capture Images: Take multiple images of the iris to capture all relevant details.

3. Upload Images: Transfer the captured images to a computer or compatible device.

4. Analyze with Software: Utilize iridology software to analyze and interpret the iris patterns and structures.

5. Generate Reports: Generate detailed reports based on the analysis, highlighting potential health conditions and recommendations.

About the Iridology Chart

The iridology chart is a key tool in the analysis of iris images. It provides a visual representation of different iris zones and their corresponding organ or body system. By referencing the chart, iridologists can identify potential imbalances or weaknesses in specific areas of the body. The USB Iridology Camera Professional’s software incorporates an interactive iridology chart, making interpretation more accurate and efficient.

Iridology Chart

iridology chart free iridology chart free iridology chart iridology chart iridology chart how to read iridology eye charts

Using Iridology Software

1. Install the Software: Download and install the iridology software compatible with your operating system.

2. Upload Iris Images: Import the captured iris images into the software for analysis.

3. Analyze Iris Patterns: Utilize the software’s tools and features to identify iris patterns and their significance.

4. Interpretation: Refer to the iridology chart within the software to interpret the identified patterns and link them to potential health conditions.

5. Generate Reports: Generate comprehensive reports summarizing the analysis and interpretation for further evaluation and consultation.

USB Iridology Camera Professional

Who Can Benefit from the USB Iridology Camera Professional

1. Iridologists: The device improves the accuracy and efficiency of iris analysis, enhancing their practice.

2. Healthcare Professionals: Integrating iridology into their practice provides a holistic perspective for diagnosis and treatment.

3. Wellness Centers: The device enables comprehensive wellness assessments, personalized treatment plans, and monitoring of progress.

4. Educational Institutions: Students and educators in iridology and alternative medicine benefit from accurate and advanced diagnostic tools.

Application in Various Industries

1. Holistic Healthcare: The USB Iridology Camera Professional complements holistic healthcare practices such as naturopathy, acupuncture, and herbal medicine.

2. Spa and Wellness: Wellness centers and spas utilize iridology to offer personalized treatments and assist in preventive healthcare.

3. Research and Development: The camera’s data collection capabilities support research in the field of iridology and alternative medicine.

4. Naturopathic Clinics: Naturopaths incorporate iridology as part of their diagnostic and treatment protocols.

USB Iridology Camera Professional

Contact us get the camera price and know more the software

The USB Iridology Camera Professional has transformed the field of iridology, making iris analysis more accurate, efficient, and accessible. Its integration with iridology software and interactive charts has revolutionized the way practitioners interpret iris patterns and identify potential health conditions. Whether you are an iridologist, healthcare professional, or part of the wellness industry, incorporating this technology can greatly enhance your practice. Contact us for more information about becoming a local distributor, educational institution, or accessing special prices for bulk orders. Remember, our software supports Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11, as well as MAC systems, making it a versatile choice for iridology professionals worldwide.

USB Iridology Camera Professional

We are iridology camera,iriscope,iridologic camera,iris camera,iriscope camera.Offer different language of software,Such as English,Spanish,chinese,Malay ect...Support system:Win2k/Xp/2003/Vista/Win7/Win8/win10/win11/apple mac os,Free upgrade and download software.Unified Wholesale price.Welcome to inquiry and OEM

iridology camera applications(Where need it?):

1,Health products distributor

2 distributor of health products, health products stores and counters

3, health product manufacturers and research institutes,

4 health care centers, beauty salons, beauty salons and beauty teaching institutions

5, sub-health counseling

.6 care clinics,

7 nutrition guidance counselors, other industries

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9.Support operating system:xp/vista/win7/Win8/Win10/win11/apple mac os (32bits and 64 bits) etc.


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