What Can Iridology Reveal?


— The primary nutritional needs of The body
— Inherent weak/strong organs, glands & tissue
— Constitutional weakness/strength
— What organ in in greatest need of repair & rebuilding
— Relative amounts of toxic settlements
— Poor assimilation of nutrients
— Depletion of minerals
— Buildup of toxic material before the manifestation of disease
— Healing signs indicating an increase of strength in an organ, gland or tissue
— Lymphatic system congestion
— Circulation level in various organs
— Nervous condition or inflammation of the bowel
— Prolapsus of The transverse colon
— Spastic conditions or ballooned conditions of the bowel
— Underactivity or sluggishness of the bowel
— Stages of tissue inflammation and activity
— Acidity of the body or catarrh development
— Adrenal exhaustion which may indicate low blood pressure, lack of energy, slowed tissue repair, deficiencies of Vitamin C and adrenaline
— Resistance to disease as shown by amount of toxic settlements
— The whole overall health level level of the body as a unified structure.

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