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chart of vitamins and minerals

Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen

Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen

Having suffered for years with Scoliosis, Fibromyalgia, severe pain, and numerous surgeries she searched for answers to these health issues. Ellen began studying alternative medicine and natural healing. Her studies led her to a natural healing clinic in Switzerland where she learned many invaluable healing methods.

She then studied for several years with the legendary natural healer Dr. Bernard Jensen at the Hidden Valley Health Ranch in California. This was the place where he helped over 350,000 patients get on the path to wellness.

Ellen became his Protégé learning all that he had to teach in the field of Iridology, nutrition, cleansing, and numerous other healing methods. Over time she became completely healthy, vibrant, and free from pain! All together Ellen has studied and worked in the field of Iridology and natural healing for close to 30 years. She now is an internationally recognized authority in Iridology and Sclerology.

Her books and educational courses in cleansing and Iridology are used by natural healing schools and students around the world. She is well noted for her work in the integrated form of Jensen Iridology. In addition she is an instructor and Dean of The School of Iridology for Westbrook University and teaches for the University of Natural Medicine. She has served as President of the International Iridology Practitioners Association (IIPA) and is Vice-President of Bernard Jensen International.

She also teaches classes in Iridology, Cleansing and Nutrition throughout the world. Ellen’s latest accomplishments include her new book Health is Your Birthright, as well as her new line of next generation cleansing and nutritional supplements. Her supplements include an effective five step cleanse called The Internal Cleanse Tool Kit and a 100% Certified Organic nutritional supplement called Super Organic Rainbow Salad.

She has a busy practice, “Lifestyle Counseling Service” and travels around the world teaching whole food nutrition and natural healing principals. Ellen is passionate about educating people to live a vibrant, healthy and happy life. She lives in San Marcos, California with her husband Art Jensen.

chart of vitamins and minerals

Iridology, is it nonsense?

Iridology, is it nonsense?

Some opponents of iridology have stated that Iridology is “non-sense” but is this really the case?

First of all let’s look at the facts, most of these critics have absolutely no education or formal training in the science of Iridology yet they have a negative opinion.

They cite several poorly designed Iridology studies that have been reported in Western scientific medical journals. These studies based their evaluations on outdated principles and in many cases, employed Iridologists who had insufficient or outdated training.

Iridology, like most sciences, is constantly evolving, as new information and studies become available this does not however mean that Iridology is invalid.

The adverse effects from these negative research studies have been very destructive to the science and practice of Iridology, especially in the United States. Researchers often find these negative studies as the only sources of information on which to base their opinions.

Often times some of the same critics that claim Iridology is “non-sense” are the ones who are still debating whether or not the use of, Herbs, Chiropractic, and Acupuncture are valid forms of health care.

Meanwhile in countries such as Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom and many Asian countries, have a much greater acceptance of Iridology. In fact, the Russian Government has sponsored Iridology research and has found it to be extraordinarily accurate. Many Medical Doctor’s in these countries have been using Iridology in their practice for decades.

Those who have studied the science and given it an open and unprejudiced consideration have discovered an amazingly useful, non-invasive, analytical tool.

It is of the utmost importance that a person uses good judgment when selecting an Iridologist. They must be sure that their Iridologist is properly trained with the most up to date information by an established and reputable institution.

Used correctly, iridology gives the individual, information concerning their overall health level that is not available in any other way. An iridologist’s services are an important element in a total, holistic health care program.

chart of vitamins and minerals

Iridology Precautions

Iridology Precautions

An iridology reading is unlikely to cause any physical harm by itself, as it does not involve direct contact with the eye or applying eye drops of any kind. Critics of iridology, however, argue that iridology can be detrimental to health if a sick person delays treatment for a condition not suggested by the iridology reading; or that it can can cause anguish and unnecessary expense if a reading suggests a problem when there actually is none.

chart of vitamins and minerals

What are the benefits of Iridology?

What are the benefits of Iridology?

Iridology treats the person instead of the symptoms. Through understanding your genetic vulnerabilities and reactive patterns, you can maintain balance and guard against illness. The body has its own healing wisdom, given the opportunity. Iridology offers a simple economical way to learn to care for your body.

The fundamental goal of iridology is prevention of serious degenerative processes by integrating nutritional, mechanical (chiropractic), spiritual and emotional support. Some of the benefits of iridology are:

Overall health awareness
Understanding how the organs interact
Knowing which organs are under or over active
Becoming familiar with the body’s overall chemistry
Knowing the conditions of the nervous, digestive, elimination, lymphatic and structural systems of the body.


Inflammation Spotting. Will show where inflammation is present.
Reveals areas in the body where acidity has or can accumulate.
Body Activity Levels. Will show if any part of your body is over active or under active.
Problem Spotting. Will show where problems are occurring in your body.

It is this tissue change that takes place in the patient that makes iridology especially valuable for those specializing in the treatment of chronic diseases.

The Health Status Equation
In order to fully appreciate what the iris reveals, let’s first consider this equation:


We all inherit certain combinations of physical traits. We can observe some of these origins from our family tree, but how much this specifically affects you? Diet and lifestyle have a great impact on some people, but why are others able to get away with abusing their bodies? Which mental and emotional aspects significantly affect our physical health? And as we get older, we lose our resiliency at different rates.

chart of vitamins and minerals

What is Iridology?

What is Iridology?

Iridology is the study of the color, pigmentations, and structure of the iris or colored portion of the eye as they relate genetically through reflex response to the strengths and deficiencies of the body systems.

Iridology complements all the health sciences as it furnishes information, not only about what may be ailing the client, but also about the root cause of the disorder.

In addition, many Iridologists observe the border of the pupil as well as the vascular markings in the sclera to help them better understand more about the overall health of the person.

We believe that Iridology is one of the best assessment tools available to discover which areas of the body are genetically strong and which are deficient. Using Iridology we can analyze the overall constitution according to specific iris colors and markings.

chart of vitamins and minerals

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