What Iridology Cannot Reveal


— Identify what medication/drugs currently or previously used
— Predict or indicate blood pressure or blood sugar levels
— Determine what surgical operations a person has had
— Tell what foods a person does or doesn’t eat
— Find out how much uric acid is in the body
— Indicate when or what caused injury to the body
— Correlate tissue inflammation levels with specific diseases
— Identify diseases by name
— Prove pregnancy, either normal or ectopic
— Indicate whether an operation may be necessary
— Tell if hair is falling out or the cause of loss
— Tell whether the person is male or female
— Indicate reliably whether a tumor is present or what size it may be
— The difference between drug side effect symptoms and the symptoms of actual diseases
— Show if the thyroid is causing irregular menstrual periods
–Show whether gallstones or kidney stones are present
— Determine the presence of Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson’s Disease.

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