What iridology yellow ring around pupil?


What is  iridology yellow ring around pupil,Pictruce let you konw ?

What is it: Nerve Rings or Stress Rings:

Location: The ciliary zone;
Appearance: It look like growth rings on a tree;
Symptoms: The more of these rings a person has, the more nervous the person is.
It tend to be perfectionists and are highly active and accomplishment-oriented.

Black Ring Around Iris New Iridology Vibrant Health Wellness

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Why iridology yellow ring around pupil?

When an animal comes in with nerve rings in the iris (see the circles around the outside of the iris?), I know there is a lot of stress in the household. Usually, the person bringing in the pet also gives me clues as to who is the nidus of the problem as many humans in the house will show similar iris signs. The person causing this symptom in the pets and other people in the house is usually a screamer. These cases are sad because the people/animals exhibiting the stress lines are holding it all inside while the person causing the stress is attacking anything in their path.


How to do?

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How to release the Stress




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