What is Iridology??


Iris is the Greek name of the goddess of the rainbow. Ology also comes from Greek meaning study of, therefore iridology, literally translated means study of the colours of the eye. The Greeks noticed there were different markings and colours in eyes and Irides were mentioned in the works of Hippocrates and Philostratus.

Early pioneers in modern day iridology recorded iris markings and changes in colour through checking their own patients, performing innumerable autopsies and research. The first iris chart was established in 1880 by Ignatz von Peczely. Other founders of iridology were Nils Liljequist, a Swede who presented his iris chart in 1893 and Dr Henry Lane from Illinois who published his book “Iridology. The Diagnosis from the Eye” in 1904.

The eyeball is actually oval, not circular as most perceive it to be. The pigmented layer is largely responsible for the colour of the eyes. There are only three basic eye colours – Blue, Grey and Brown according to the concentration of melanin pigment. Other colours are due to a genetic mix or metabolic disturbances.

Iridology is a universal language common to all living things and complements all therapeutic sciences because it provides invaluable information to establish and monitor movement towards disease, but cannot predict the form in which it will take. Iridology is a safe, non-invasive diagnostic tool that can be integrated with both orthodox and complementary medicine.

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