What is Iridology?


Iridology is the study of the iris of the eye in order to diagnose the presence of any disease. Iridology is based on the assumption that every organ in the human body has a corresponding location within the iris and that one can determine whether an organ is healthy or diseased by examining the iris. Traditional medical practitioners also recognize that certain symptoms of non-ocular disease can be detected by an eye exam.
The next time you see a close up of an eye on the television look closely at the markings on the iris. By doing this you are taking the first steps to seeing what an iridologist would look for during a consultation.

When a patient consults an iridologist the practitioner will use either an iris torch to read the signs shown in the patient’s iris, or they may take a photograph using a special type of camera.

Reading the signs in the iris is like reading a clock face. The eye is divided into twelve basic zones and each of the corresponding zones relates to a different part of the body. For example looking at the outer zone of the left eye at between 2 and 3 o’clock the practitioner would be looking at the left lung area and as we have two lungs in our body, the right lung can be seen on the outer zone of the right eye between 9 and 10 o’clock.

Different colour markings on the iris indicate to the practitioner the changes taking place within the body. Each person has their own constitutional type as indicated by the fibres in the eye. These types are described as “silk, linen, cheesecloth, Hessian or net”. The fibres in the silk eye are very fine and close together, whereas the fibres shown on the net are much wider apart.

The practitioner will discuss with the patient their findings and make suggestions as to how the patient can make adjustments to their diet and lifestyle.

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