What Is Iridology


What Is Iridology

Iridology is the evaluation/assessment of the iris (the coloured portion of the eye), as reflected by the brain. Think of it like a camera and film. The body is the subject being photographed. The brain is the mirror reflecting the message to the iris instead of to film. Each and every organ and system of the body communicates with the brain and these messages of strengths and weaknesses are then reflected into the iris of the eye. This is just the same, as if someone came up behind you and touched you but you didn’t hear them or see them, how do you know they touched you? It is a nerve impulse.

Iridology is the science and practice that reveals inflammation, weaknesses, strengths, where they are located and in what stage it is manifesting. This information then becomes a valuable tool to all wanting to use a wholistic approach. Iridology does not name diseases but reveals dis-ease. It reads tissue conditions in organs and glands. When vitamins, minerals and herbs are taken in correct balance, along with rest, exercise and proper food intake, stress management and faith, then healing takes place. By giving the body what the body needs and taking out of the body what the body can’t use, the body can heal itself.

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