What is Iridology? How does iridology work?


What is Iridology?

Iridology is the study of the iris to help evaluate illness and weaknesses within the body. People who practise iridology are known as iridologists.

How does iridology work?

There are more than 28,000 nerve fibres in the human eye and each one is directly connected to the brain. The brain is in direct contact with all the nerves and cells of the body and as such any defect within the body will show up in the iris.

Acute conditions show up as a white mark in the fibres of the iris and is generally associated with pain and inflammation. The darker the mark becomes the more serious the condition (with a black spot indicating a chronic disease). As the body heals itself the spots on the iris often fade and the overall look and clarity of the iris changes.

Iridology can also help to determine areas of genetic weakness. The way in which the fibres of the iris are connected together also indicates the general genetic strength of the person. A person whose fibres are located sparsely tends to have a weaker genetic background than one whose fibres are tightly packed.

A person’s constitution can be analysed through the study of their eyes. For example, below are two iris images.

Iridology – Constitution
Iridology - Silk Constitution
Iridology - Hessian Constitution

Silk Constitution

Hessian Constitution

This person has a very strong constitution. They would benefit from the consumption of Mineral Max.
This person has a weak constitution. They would benefit from the consumption of Blood Purifying Tonic.

The first image is from a person who has a “silk” constitution – the strongest of all the constitutions. This person has a strong genetic structure and is less prone to disease. This is shown very clearly by the tightly-packed fibres of the eye.

The second image is from a person who has a “hessian” constitution – the weakest constitution. They will need to be careful about the way in which they eat and their lifestyle choices. They would find a herbal remedy such as Blood Purifying Tonic very beneficial.

What is an iris Map?

An iris map is used as a guide to show a practitioner which parts of the eye relate to the different organs in the body. Most practitioners are so well-practiced with iris analysis that they do not need to use a map as a guide.

Iridology Map
Iridology Right Iris
Iridology Left Iris
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What can an iridology examination tell me?

Iridology can:

  • Tell you what your genetic strengths and weaknesses are. This will also determine how strong your healing ability is.
  • Indicate the state in which a specific illness is at.
  • Indicate whether you have a mineral or vitamin deficiency.
  • Indicate the presence of parasites.
  • Indicate if the endocrine system has become unbalanced.
  • Indicate the amount of toxins present in your body.

However, iridology cannot tell you:

  • If you have certain types of diseases.
  • If you are pregnant.
  • What the future will bring – it can only show you the likelihood with which you may change.
  • If you have certain conditions such as kidney and gall stones.
  • If you have certain types of cancer.

Iridology has nothing to do with astrology, palm reading or the occult. It is a science-based philosophy.

An iris examination is a powerful tool that an experienced and qualified practitioner can use to aid in his or her analysis of your situation. It is not a methodology that should be used as the only form of diagnosis.

can I have an iridology examination?

Absolutely. If you would like an iridology examination please schedule an appointment with one of our experienced practitioners. To find out how to make an appointment with an iridologist click here.

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