what is iris camera and What price of iris camera?


what is iris camera and What price of iris camera?

iris camera

iridology camera 3 san jose

iridology camera 3 san jose

iridology camera for sale near buffalo new york Iriscopio de 5.0 Megapíxeles IR-9915U (13) Iriscopio de 5.0 Megapíxeles IR-9915U (12) Iriscopio de 5.0 Megapíxeles IR-9915U (11) Iriscopio de 5.0 Megapíxeles IR-9915U (10)

Iridology camera Cadi CV advance 2.19 -Iriscope

Name:Iridology camera surgical instruments for maxillofacial surgery Main Functions and Features: a. Nice appearance and good-looking design

b. Cold light illuminator around camera

c. Imported lens with plating layer

d. Imported CMOS sensor with 5 Mega pixels

e. Special DSP image manipulation lens

f. Control light of 8 mm camera to turn on or not.

g. Show the changes of video quickly, clearly and accurately.

h. Able to save, print reports of customers’ information

i. Easy to operate and time-saving. Rated Voltage: DC5V 500MA Color: white Specification (length*width*height mm): Handle:157*52*39 8MMCamera:60*45 Paper Box:220*153*73 Net Weight (g): Handle: 147.60 8MMCamera: 29.00 Paper Box: 103.00 Illustration of Iridology: 204.00 Other Assessory: 74.20 Net weight of machine (g): 557.80


1. Handle(Pause Button)


3. Paper Box

4. Camera protective cover Package Assessory Illustration of Iridology Compare Chart of Twelve Iris Symptoms Warranty card CD(Driver and Software) Take Attention: Driver number:DM004 Illustration of Iridology 8MM

instrument Camera Operating Instruction Driver and Software CD

A. We suggest you use the video software in Windows XP, and the screen resolution should be 1024*768 pixels.

B. Uninstall the other digital camera driver before installing the iris driver.

C. Any incorrect installments that disobey the operation instruction lead the damage of instrument are out of compensate. Warning: : Before using instrument, the user must clean the surface of camera with alcohol; anybody who has eye disease or skin disease takes caution please. Any patient needs it under special situation, please follow doctor’s direction.

iridology imatgs (23)

iridology imatgs (22)

iridology imatgs (20)

What is Iridology?

Holistic health through the perspective of your eye- IRIDOLOGY

Have you ever noticed that the first time you meet somebody you instantly are drawn to their eyes?We are all intuitively drawn to the eyes to connect to the person’s health, emotions and spiritual energy. Just think about a baby, how cute and sparkly their eyes are! They express love and excitement through their eyes, without the need of speech.Eyes can reveal laughter, sadness, happiness, spiritual growth and physical health.

Iridology is the study of the iris, pupil, and sclera. Each iris comes with its own unique pattern of colors, fiber density and structures. Each unique pattern represents certain energy within different body systems. By using a special digital iris camera a trained Iridologist can analyze patterns and identify underlying body weaknesses, strengths and genetic predispositions.

Iridology is not new. The first records of iris analysis date back as far as ancient Babylon. In the 20th century, doctors and scientists from Untied States, Australia, Europe and Russia brought worldwide recognition to Iridology. These great international Masters developed several Iridology Charts, which made Iridology more easily accessible.Within the physical Iridology specific colors and structures of irises have been grouped into constitutions. These constitutions have been clinically researched by Iridologist working with the medical community and are a guide for health assessment.For example, Within the blue colored iris we can find:

·         Weakness within the lymphatic system, probably more prone to sinus and throat infections.

· Prone to be more acidic which can cause a higher chance of arthritis and goutWithin the brown iris we can find:

· Higher chance of sugar imbalanceOf course these examples are very basic, but it can give you an idea what Iridology is all about.But Iridology is not just about physical signs, it can also identify emotional strengths and weaknesses. If an iris has a small indentation within the liver zone, it is an indication of holding onto past anger or suppressed feelings. Most of our emotional pain stays hidden deep within our sub-consciousness, but can be revealed through the eyes. Each organ has specific emotional precursors that in an area of weakness can trigger a set of physical symptoms. Some emotional and physical connections within the body are:

·         Gallbladder: An inflamed gallbladder is associated with hidden emotions like hatred, bitterness and the inability to forgive.

iridology chart iridology charts
· Stomach: Stomach complaints are often associated to the feeling of “it makes me sick to my stomach!”Iridologists are like detectives who string together evidence of the physical and emotional body to guide clients to emotional and physical freedom. As an Herbalist I can’t imagine a better evaluation tool than the eyes of my clients. The moment a client comes to my office, I can assess their physical, emotional and even spiritual health through their eyes.The spiritual side of Iridology is not very common.  I happened to tap into it after several years of practicing Iridology, when I started to notice small little clouds within the pupil. These clouds sometimes looked like objects or faces. I was confused by this, since Iridology teaches that the signs for the body’s health are only within the pupil border and the iris fibers. Then one day I had a client who is a known Medium. Her digital iris picture showed a whole group of faces within the pupil. When I asked my client if she saw something strange within her pupil, she immediately replied, “Yes, I can see my spirit guides within my pupil!”You can imagine how surprised I was! After reading hundreds and hundreds of eyes with my camera I finally realized that even the spiritual world is recognizable within our pupils. Since then I have been giving Iridology Readings that zigzag between the physical body, the emotional body and the spiritual body. I never know exactly what I will tell my clients before I meet them, but once I lay my eyes on their eyes I am able to give them information that can be used for their lifetime.With health insurance rates rising and more and more people on expensive medications, it is even more important to take advantage of a holistic health module that breaks away from disease orientation and instead addresses each individual’s search for optimum health.I am Birgit Lueders, an Iridologist.  I read my clients’ Soul map so they are able to be healthier, happier and more spiritually engaged throughout their life.Resources:Toni Miller, Australia “The integrated Iridology textbook”,Kianna Smith and Georgina Cyr, “Iridology a Handbook”.Frank Navratil, “For your Eyes only”.John Andrews, “Emotional Approaches in Iridology”.

iris camera

iris camera iridology

Eye Iriscope, Iridology camera equipment, USB Digital Iriscope scanner

Iriscopes Iridology Camera

What is bernard jensen iridology camera and price?

d iridology camera for sale

What is Iridology Analysis?

What You’ll Get From Your Iridology Analysis:

Awareness of areas of toxicity or inflammation in your body (systems, organs and glands).

Learn whether you have a weak, medium or strong bodily constitution.

Suggestions for specific detox protocols to correct the imbalance.

Suggestions for herbal or dietary supplements.

A detailed evaluation of your case that’s detailed enough to give you specific things you can do to move forward without feeling overwhelmed or confused.

New to eating healthy and detoxifying?

*I suggest doing an iridology analysis at the beginning of your journey to see a before and after of your progress.

Your eyes will change with deep tissue detoxification!

estación de iridología 5.2 software estación de iridología 5.2 software Here’s a Quick Way to know

Taking Your Iris Photos with a Digital Camera:

  • Set camera to macro setting.
  • Keep the eye close to the camera. On  a macro setting, you can be 4-5 inches from the lens.
  • Turn on flash if taking photos indoors.
  • Use natural daylight. I find taking them in my car on a sunny day always works well.
  • Stand sideways from any window (facing the window will cause glare).
  • Have someone else hold the camera if possible or use a tripod and timer. If you do not have a tripod, use a mirror to see if your eye is in the shot.
  • Hold the upper and lower eyelids open to make your ntire iris visible.
  • Take one photo of each iris at a time.

Taking Your Iris Photos with a Phone Camera:

  • Keep the eye close to the camera.
  • Flip your camera horizontally.
  • Take photos using natural daylight. I find taking them in my car on a sunny day always works well.
  • Have someone else take your photos if possible.
  • Hold the upper and lower eyelids open to make your entire iris visible.
  • Take one photo of each iris at a time.

Checking Your Photos for Lighting and Clarity:

  • Check the photo on the viewfinder of your camera. Use the zoom feature to see the iris.
  • Be sure the iris is clear, otherwise try again.
  • Be sure there is no red eye. If possible, turn on red eye reduction on your camera.
  • Be sure the entire iris is visible; otherwise try again.
  • Be sure there is no significant glare on the iris; otherwise turn your body slightly away from any window and try again.

Emailing Your Final Iris Photo Results:

  • You may crop the photos so only the eye is visible if you wish.
  • If possible, please let me know which eye is left and which is your right eye. I can still locate which eye based on your tear duct, but this always helps.
  • You can send 3-5 pictures of your left eye and 3-5 pictures of your right eye.

estación de iridología 5.2 software Here’s a Quick Way to know 6 estación de iridología 5.2 software Here’s a Quick Way to know 5

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