56 PCS iridology pictures


56 PCS iridology pictures

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The Science behind the challenge

What is Iridology?

Iridology’s beginning started in the early 1800s when a young boy named Ignatz von Peczely of Egernar, near Budapest, Hungary, caught an owl one day. The eleven year old boy struggled with the frightened bird and met with the fierce claws as the bird instinctively tried to defend himself. In order to free himself von Peczely accidentally broke the owl’s leg. As a youth and the owl glared into one another’s eyes the boy observed a black stripe rising in the owl’s eye (about 6:00). Von Peczely bandaged the owl’s leg and nursed him back to health finally giving him his freedom. But the bird lingered in the garden several years and von Peczely observed the appearance of white and crooked lines where the black stripe first appeared. The black stripe eventually became a tiny black spot, surrounded by white lines and shading.

When he grew up Ignatz von Peczely became a physician. He never forgot the incident with the owl. Work in the surgical wards of the college hospital afforded him the opportunity to observe irises of patients after accidents and preceding and following surgery. A study of the changes in the eyes coinciding with injuries, surgery or illnesses convinced von Peczely that there was a reflex relationship between the various markings in the iris and the rest of the body. He was certain that the iris mirrored tissue changes of the various organs and created the first chart of the iris based on his finding.

At the similar point in history a Rev. Niels Liljequist, a Swedish clergyman, was discovering that a relationship existed between various drug settlements and specific discolorations in the iris of the eye. Extremely ill as a youth, Liljequist had taken massive quantities of quinine. This led to his correlation of the yellow-green discoloration in his eye to the use of quinine.

Iridology has progressed tremendously since the 1800s. Numerous scientists and doctors have researched Iridology and revised and enlarged the iris char. Dr. Bernard Jensen, renowned Iridologist and Nutritionist, pioneered the science of Iridology in the U.S. and developed one of the most comprehensive chars. Dr. Jensen’s Chart to Iridology represents all organs of the body with the pupillary area corresponding to the navel and the remaining organs circle this nucleus, radiating out like the spokes of a wheel. Additionally, certain vital organs, such as the lungs, kidneys, thyroid, liver, etc., are boldly outlined to enable the practitioner to detect them as major landmarks in the iris topography.

What exactly is “Iridology?” By way of definition it is the science and practice revealing inflammation, where located and in what stage it is manifesting. The iris reveals bodily conditions, inherent weaknesses, levels of health, and the transition that takes place in a person’s body according to the way he or she lives. This adjunctive analysis allows the doctor to relate marking and signs in the iris to reflex manifestation of the various organs of the body. The eye has been proclaimed through the ages as “the mirror of the soul”, and now we acknowledge it as the window to the body – enabling us to visualize normal and abnormal states within the body and its organs.

IRIDOLOGY CHART developed by Dr. Bernard Jenson, D.C.

The Brain and Body are Holistically connected through the nervous system.

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Notice the fibers in the Iris. Notice how close the fibers are together. This denotes an eye which shows a great constitution. Also notice the white film covering the fibers of this eye. This white color depicts acidity mans worst enemy to his well being. Now we can see from the eye why we need to be conscious of watching our diet. If the acid becomes dominate a disease condition will arise. The eye can tell us what and where health issues are. Every fiber in the iris is connected to the brain. The brain is connected to the body. When something happens in our tissue, the message is transported from the body to the brain and imprinted into the iris of the eye. This is amazing that you can see the changes inside your body through the eye.

This is an acid eye with a weak constitution. Notice how the fibers in the iris are further apart. Can you see the difference between the first eye and this one. Both have acid condition but this eye shows the body in a weaker state. Minerals are indicate when you see weak fibers. RBC coral calcium, Seasilver, and Miracle 2 products are foundational products that can help all conditions because they nutritionally support alkalinity, minerals, and nutrients to detox and rebuild the body.

Notice how weak the tissue is becoming with separated fibers, acidity and murky in color. The eye has a build up of toxins, (free radicals) and there is acidity underneath. How does your eye look?

Looking into the center of the eye will let you know how your colon is doing. Constipation in iridology doesn’t just mean you have a hard time moving your bowels, but indicates more. The condition of intestines is very important. We flush the toilet and turn on the faucet everyday and never seem to have back up of sewage do we. When we have a bowel movement everyday does this mean our intestines are not congested? Compare the condition of sewer pipe. Lets take a look.

Notice the build up of sludge on the inside of this sewer pipe. Our colon even though we can not see inside physically does have a build up of mucous and waste matter that is not removed. This build up over a period of years can create problems down the road. The medical term is called leaky gut syndrome. Toxic acid waste finds its way out of the colon into the fluids of our body tissue. We need to be conscious of keeping our pipes as clean as possible. Disease can start in colon. The body can heal itself with our help. Eating fresh food like vegetables and fruit (80% alkaline diet) is one way to help clean out the colon. Applying the concepts (R.E.A.D.) is important also. Other products mention before are also important in maintaining colon health. Keeping the colon clean is key to better health.

Notice how the picture depicts something coming out of the intestine into the our body. The next picture is an actual eye showing leaky gut syndrome. In iridology we call this Radii Solaris. Eye looks like spokes of a wheel from the bowel and are generally indicative of an inherent weakness. Radii Solaris deliver toxic material into various organs of the body they penetrate. They are prevalent in the brain region or head. Sinus disturbances are partly due to Radii Solaris.

Notice the darkness inside the colon area. Darkness shows a build up of toxic waste. Can you see the Radii Solaris or leaky gut syndrome? Iridology does not diagnose but helps to pin point where we are having health issues. We are what we don’t eliminate. Health starts in the colon.

This is a diagram of the blood ring. Here is where we look to see how our fluid flow through the body. This is very important because physical energy depends on oxygen and food getting to our body cells. Dirty and congested blood ring can create some serious circulation problems. High blood pressure, heart stress, cold hands and feet, edema, chronic fatigue, skin problems, the list goes on. Exercise is he best form of stimulation for poor circulation. How does your blood ring look?

Notice the acidity, (white color) in this eye. Look at the dark blood ring.

This is called a lymphatic rosary in iridology. Can you count the beads around the eye. More and bigger the beads, this will create a very toxic condition. Generally the lymphatic system removes toxic over flow from the bronchial tubes and other eliminative channels, liver, kidney, colon, and skin which are unable to eliminate their quota of waste material. Lymph nodes may harden (chronic stage) as age advances. Note that lymph nodes are located in areas of the body most mobile; for this reason exercise is vital to the lymphatic system in order to move the lymph fluid properly. Lymph congestion is prevented through proper exercise. The tonsils and adenoids are lymph glands. Many individuals have had these organs removed – a sign that they were overworked and enlarged as a result of excessive toxic material they were unable to eliminate. At that time a cleansing program was indicated, as well as proper nutrition, exercise and cultivation of beneficial habits. These things would have helped prevent lymph congestion in later years. Lymph congestion is connected with a lymphatic weakness (chronic fatigue) and demands considerable care. At least one massage a week, sauna, hot Miracle 2 baths with Epson salts. The lymphatic type of individual holds excessive amount of fluids in the body causing dehydration inside the cells. This is not good.

Here is a picture of what the lymph system looks like. The body cells eliminate there acid by product into this system. If we don’t exercise and eat proper alkaline food we will become weak and not feel so good. Massages help a lot in keeping this fluid moving so it does not stagnate and cause disease in the body.

This picture explains how the lymph fluid must flow. All lymph must flow upward and dump into Subclavian Vein or Thoracic Duct where the clavicle and sternum bone meet. Notice how the lymph flows into the heart then into the lung for detoxification. Most of the impurities from the lymph are eliminated through the lungs. Can we better understand why it is important to deep breath when we exercise. To clean the lymph system it is important to run and take deep breaths. We must move our muscles to squeeze the fluid up and out through the lungs. Massage will do the same as exercise bringing  the lymph to lungs, but we still need to practice deep breathing exercises.

Can you see the very acid Lymphatic Rosary. Acidity means pain. How does your eye look?

Notice how much more toxic the lymph is in this eye. Can you see all the acid underneath the toxic lymph waste?

A Calcium Ring  is created from a poor diet and acidic lifestyle. Inorganic salt can cause calcium to come out of solution. Excessive cholesterol and calcium out of solution can be responsible for hardening of the arteries. A white ring circling the iris near the periphery of the iris contributes to hardening of the arteries. Often this deposit settles in the heart area, the aorta, causing considerable heart disturbance. Cholesterol intake in the diet should be limited (avoid all heated oils) as a preventive measure. All heated oils add to cholesterol deposits in the body. Using the best nutritional products, alkaline diet, the (R.E.A.D.) concept we can over come this kind of stress. Can you see the acid build up in this brown eye. Look at the white haze in the brown color that is acidity. Are we seeing the need to alkaline our body’s to keep it healthy?

This eye depicts anemia  in the extremities.  Sufficient blood does not reach the head, arms and legs, especially the head, hands and feet. If enough blood does not reach the extremities, repair and rebuilding is below par. Anemia in extremities does not imply that anemia of the blood exists. A tired body, an enervated body can not circulate blood properly. Many times it manifests as cold feet and cold hands. Again proper diet, R.E.A.D., and the best nutritional products can help this type of eye.

The nervous system becomes stress out because we have fears. Our life is full of struggles and are resistance to change. We need to flow smoothly through life by creating a more balance life style. Peace, Joy, Harmony, and contentment is lacking when we see cramp rings in the eye. These is a sign of a very stressed out person who needs his rest and relaxation. This person is always on the go and never takes a break. Nervous exhaustion and breakdown is where this eye is heading for. Take a vacation, go to bed on time, work hard and play hard also. All work and no play makes a person weary and dull. We need recreation, family, and friends to balance out our life.

Can you see the nerve rings or cramp rings in this eye. Do you have stress rings in your eye? Is your lifestyle cramped, are you having any fun in life?


From this Iridology presentation we can see how the brain and nerves are connected throughout the human body. Every cell in the body can communicate to every other cell via brain and nerves. We can see the changes occurring in our eyes, when our  life styles change. Taking the best nutritional products, alkaline diet, and applying  R.E.A.D. concepts,  the eye will change and so do we. Our emotions feel great, we physically are more active, and our chemistry is less acidic. Does the term Holistic Medicine have more meaning now?

From the eye we can see the body as a whole unit because that is how we function. Disease comes from the body not working together in harmony. Every organ, gland and system has a job to do. If one part of our body suffers the whole body suffers. Now we can take a look at our eyes and determine what changes we need to make in our lives. Degenerative disease can be avoided if we keep an eye on things.

This document is supplied for information and educational purposes only. It is not intended to recommend or prescribe any treatment for any condition or illness. Contact a doctor or medical professional who is trained in the use of natural nutritional supplements before adding any new protocol or when starting any health or exercise program.

IRIDOLOGY: Introduction


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