How to read iridology zones dark spot kidney?


How to read iridology zones dark spot kidney?

iridology zones dark spot kidney

iridology zones dark spot kidney

iridology zones dark spot kidney

iridology zones dark spot kidney

iridology yellow ring around pupil 8

what is the mean iridology zones dark spot kidney sora Spots ?

Location: Any location of the iris;
Appearance: Various shades of brown or black spots;
Symptoms: It indicates accumulations of toxins and is often an inherited weakness.


What is iridology eye Lymphatic and Circulatory Systems Ciliary Zone?

Black Ring Around Iris New Iridology Vibrant Health Wellness

iridology yellow ring around pupil 6
Location: Tiny ring around the outer iris;
Appearance: Cloudy white ring;
Symptoms: Indicate a problem with the lymphatic system, a buildup of mucus, sinus problems or kidney problems. Lymphatic rings may also appear on people who are too empathetic.

How to read the iridology Sample 3PCS?

Sample Eye Readings

Here are a few sample eye photos, with the most glaring conditions marked.  These are not comprehensive in any way, but are simply shared to give you an idea of what kinds of markings are visible, and what they signify.

iridology black ring around iris

iridology black spots

iridology black lines

iridology black eyes

iridology black dot

iridology blacktown

iridology black dot iris

iridology black spot in left eye




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