iridology case study


Iridology: Case Study

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By Agota Csekey, C.C. Ir.
A 65 year old male visited my office with several complaints regarding his health. I took a detailed health history and noted the following complaints: high blood pressure, sluggish kidney function, nervousness, and he was waking up several times during the night.
The client’s iris analysis not only confirmed some of his symptoms, but the underlying cause of them. His mixed iris revealed a strong structure in the connective tissue with no inherent weakness in any of the organs. It appeared that most of his symptoms were stemming from the toxic environment in the digestive tract. There were several impactions, pockets and toxic deposits visible in the iris (Picture A).
This toxicity was affecting the organs in the related areas. Also, there were several “tension rings” visible that showed accumulated stress in the body (Picture B). His irises showed strong but toxic tissue in the area of both kidneys (Picture C-a). The white/grayish ring around the iris implicated the hardening of the arteries (Picture C-b). The accumulated stress and the hardening of the arteries explained the client’s high blood pressure.
Wellness Program:
Phase One
It was suggested to this client that he begin his wellness program with a general cleanse using a variety of herbal combinations to address the liver, kidney, lymph & blood, and last but not least the colon. A probiotic was used to raise the bowel flora (the population of friendly bacteria) in the digestive tract.
His diet was modified and it was suggested that all refined carbohydrates and all forms of wheat and corn products, dairy products (except yogurt), fried foods, red meat and salt be removed from his daily diet. Furthermore, a digestive enzyme was recommended to enhance digestion.
Mineral and vitamin supplementation was not recommended at this time. Rather, the client was advised to take an Essential Fatty Acid to make the arteries flexible, keep the blood cholesterol level normal and decrease platelet aggregation; which is an important factor in the prevention and treatment of the hardening of the arteries.
Phase Two
The client continued with further herbal cleansing that addressed the kidney and liver. The diet remained the same and antioxidants such as Vitamin C, and CoEnzyme Q10 along with a daily multivitamin and mineral supplement and Lecithin (used as an emulsifier to keep fats in solution) were introduced at this stage of his program.
Later on, further herbs and homeopathic remedies were suggested to address the functioning of the circulatory system and Siberian Ginseng for the adrenal glands in order to help stress tolerance.
After diligently following this wellness program for approximately five months, the client was able to sleep through the night and he was less irritable during the day. Medical tests revealed that the client’s kidneys were clear and his blood pressure reading was normal. Thus he was advised by his medical doctor to discontinue his blood pressure medication.

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