Iridology – Irisdiagnosis



[n. iridologist < iridology] Practitioner iridology. In Germany irisdiagnostics became popular because of pastor Emanuel Felke (1856-1926).* Other German iridologists were Prof. dr. Rudolf Schnabel (1882-1952), Dr. Walter Lang and Josef Deck who demonstrated the clinical reliability of iridology; this could be the reason that in Germany iridology is widely accepted and known
[n. iridology \ astrology \ diagnostics] Synonym Irisdiagnosis. The oldest Chaldean astrological books mention some kind of iridology of reflections of the cosmos in the eye and later western sources write about reflections of the body in the eye; both “methods” still exist, sometimes they are integrated. About the same time (1881) an Hungarian doctor Ignaz con Péczély (1822-1911) wrote “Diagnose aus dem Auge” (diagnosis from the eye),** a Swedish pastor Nils Liljequist made independently an iristopographic which seemed to be accurately similar.
[pl. irisdiagnosis \ astrology \ diagnostics] Synonym iridology. Method of making a diagnosis by studying the iris and adjacent outer parts of the eye
[adj. irisdiagnostic < irisdiagnosis]
[pl. irisdiagnostics < irisdiagnosis]

* Emanuel Felke did a controversial life demonstration about which sources report different subjectivities
** title summarized

General outline eye
General outline eye

Some details of the topographics of the eye and iris

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