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Iridology is a gentle, non-invasive way to study the color, pigmentations and structure of the iris of the eye as they relate genetically to the strengths and deficiencies of the body systems.  Every cell in your body reflects itself through the nervous system to the brain and optic nerves. As tissues become weakened and congested, changes occur in the fibers of the iris of the eye.  This is because the iris contains blood vessels that connect to the entire nervous system.  When there is a change in the nervous system connected to a gland, organ or system of the body, this is reflected in the iris of the eye.  This is called a reflex response.  Much of this is genetic, therefore taking place in the womb before the child is even born. Iridology is a master science in genetics.

The iris fibers have been mapped out correspondingly to the related tissues in the body. By observing these fibers, changes and colors in the iris, we can analyze your body’s strengths, weaknesses and toxicity levels related to specific areas of the body. Genetic deficiencies in the body are represented in the corresponding area of the iris as structural deviations in the iris fibers or pigmentations.  As iridologists, we learn to “read” and understand the meaning of the patterns that are located in the iris of the eye.  Like fingerprints and snowflakes, no two eyes are alike!  Each color and marking has a unique meaning to that individual.
What can you tell from Iridology?

Through iris analysis, areas of the body that lack vitality to resist illness due to genetic predispositions can be determined and supported through good nutrition and holistic healing methods.  It is one of the best assessment tools available to be able to identify the areas of the body that are genetically strong, as well as deficient.

A qualified iridologist, by assessing the iris of both eyes, can obtain information about all parts of the body simultaneously. The iris reveals our inherited health disposition, our tendency towards, health concerns or problems. It helps us understand our potential risk factors if we don’t take care of ourselves. This is powerful knowledge and can help us care for our bodies so these tendencies do not become reality. Early detection of health imbalances and prompt correction is vitally important. Iridology is an excellent tool of assessment for current conditions and for preventive healthcare.

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Is Iridology Beneficial for Children?

Iridology is especially important and valuable when working with children.  To determine a child’s genetic weaknesses, and support them at a young age with proper herbs and nutrition, means they do not necessarily have to struggle with these weaknesses passed down through family lines.  In fact, it is documented that the eyes can actually change and become genetically stronger in future generations, contrary to popular mainstream belief.

Will this harm my eyes?

Absolutely not. You should have no adverse effects from the iris photography. This is not an invasive process.

Why haven’t I heard more about Iridology?

Although the science of Iridology is at least 3,000 years old and is used worldwide, it is still essentially a “sleeping giant” in the United States, but it is growing in recognition and acceptance quite rapidly. The oldest discovered records to date have shown that a form of iris interpretation was used in ancient China as far back as 3,000 years ago, or 1,000 B.C. Two men “rediscovered” the idea of iris analysis in the nineteenth century and are both held to be the modern day “Fathers of Iridology.” These were Dr. Ignatz von Peczely of Germany, and Nils Liljequst, a Swedish clergyman. Throughout the years others have contributed greatly to the research and development of understanding the iris. The “Father of Iridology” in the United States is Dr. Bernard Jensen. Prior to his death in 2001 (at the age of 92), he wrote numerous books on Iridology, nutrition and health; and spent countless hours lecturing and teaching.

Today, many people have “heard of” iridology and calls are frequently received for appointments because a friend, colleague or other person has referred an individual for an iris evaluation. More and more people are becoming aware of the validity of iridology and the great role it can play in health assessment.


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11 Iridology Ebook Free download.

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IRIDOLOGY (INTRODUCTION) Iridiagnosis_lindlahr_1919

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