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Driver Setup

 1: Connect USB cable to main body of iriscope system and your computer.


Your windows operating system should automatically detect that new hardware has been installed as shown in the above picture. If new hardware is not detected, please re-boot your computer.

Iridology Training


2: Insert the CD-ROM included with your iriscope into your CD-ROM drive and Browse to your CD-ROM drive and located the directory called 9988U-Driver. Highlight the 9988U-Driver directory and click “OK”


Please note: If CD included with your iriscope tries to automatically install other imaging software included with your iriscope, please cancel the installation to concentrate on setting up iriscope driver first! After driver has been successfully installed you may re-insert CD to install other imaging and client-patient database software at another time.

 3: Be sure that the 9888U-Driver directory is now shown in the winxp search option. Click NEXT!


4: If you see a list of drivers appear, choose the driver found on CD-ROM. This driver will be named lvcam.inf as shown in the sample image below. Highlight the appropriate driver and click Next!



 The Iriscope driver is now successfully installed!

Please re-boot computer to be sure all drivers are running properly.

 Important Note!

If your computer cannot detect the new iriscope system hardware you may not have updated version of DirectX version 9. You can find out the version of DirectX you are using by using:  Windows: START-> RUN-> type in “DXdiag” <without quotes> and press enter. If you are using editions lower than DirectX 9 version, please update from the microsoft windows update site.

Question: Do all iriscopes come with primary 30X adaptor only? Are there other adaptors for purchase?  All iriscopes come with primary 30X iris adaptor only. The iris lens adaptor is 30X magnification with a dual LED lightsource built inside the adaptor which offers the most consistancy in iris photography.


Other magnification adaptors are available at 50X and 650X. The 30X can be adjusted to focus to 1-3X , so the Iriscope can take client’s facial photo to optionally apply to iris analysis report. The the 50x and 650x adaptors are used for the hair and skin only.


Question: Do the iriscopes have connectivity-adaptability for macintosh computer?


Yes, but only with the newer versions of MAC OS systems that have the Intel Chip processor. Older versions of MAC systems would require emulator software such as Virtual PC which does take some technical expertise to install software and drivers.


Question: What is the pixel resolution for iriscopes listed? 


The standard Professional iriscope is 1.3 million pixels. This resolution offers the best image size (640X480) when using automatic iris analysis software.


Higher resolutions tend to not correctly import iris images into several iridological software programs. This problem was recently discovered through reviewing image importation of various resolution systems ( 3, 5, 7, 8 MegaPixel) and finding that the pupil shape becomes more oval-vertical the higher resolution used, thus giving a false positive of circulatory cerebral disturbances. In order to fix this error, one must change the higher megapixel resolution size to 640X480.


If you do not plan to use automatic analysis software, please load on my Browse to select 3 MP iriscopes.


The main difference in iriscopes are various types of available functions such as memory storage and 3D modes.


Question: What are the main differences in iriscopes?


The main differences in iriscopes are; switch for left & right eye, switch for iris or skin, switch for 3D Mode, USB only to computer with no T.V., and AV connector for T.V.


The new 3 MP system is for both PC and T.V.


Also, please note that the capture button on handset of professional version of iriscope is only 3 second delay and must use software for capturing.


The capture button on handset of 3 Megapixel system and the newest (2007 models) of CNRI student version of iriscopes will capture images from handset without requiring software.


Question: Do iriscope systems come with any basic software? If offered, what can user do with software?


Iriscopes come with a basic iris analysis software. This software can help you save the clients information and iris image to analysis report which can then be printed. Software allows re-editing of analysis if required. There is no automatic analysis features offered in the software. 


The CADI Analysis software does offer iris topography charting capabilities although still in Beta testing.


CNRI offers two basic programs that can be used for iridological analysis and are free for Iriscope users.


You can view video demos of the included programs in the following links:


CNRI Database Version


CADI Analysis Beta Version


CNRI also offers very sophisticated iris analysis systems to health professionals.


Please refer to the following link for further information regarding the CNRI Specialty Systems: CNRI Specialty Systems


Shipping, Service and refund Policies


Question: How long is warranty on systems?


Warranty on Iriscope systems is one year, parts, labour and shipping costs, from the day you receive Iriscope.


Question: What are the costs of shipping service?


Shipping is currently free for all iriscope orders anywhere in the world.


Question: If my camera stopped working and required service, who do I send to for repair?


If a system is need of service, please contact with Mark Liu, if Mr Luo cannot sovle the problem he will tell you where should ship the Iriscope.

 For detailed products information (video), please click here:
Introduction for installation.
Iris software installation manual.
iridology analysis method .Question:Do iriscope systems come with any basic software? If offered, what can user do with  software?                                    Answer:Iriscopes come with a basic iris analysis software. This software can help you save the clients information and iris image to analysis report which can then be printed. Software allows re-editing of analysis if required. There is no automatic analysis features offered in the software.Question: Do all iriscopes come with primary 30X adaptor only and then client has to purchase other adaptors? Or are all adaptors included? If not included, what are the prices for additional adaptors?Answer:All iriscopes come with primary 30X adaptor only. Other magnification adaptors are available at 50X and 200X. The 30X can be adjusted to focus to 1-3X, so the Iriscope can take client’s facial photo to optionally apply to iris analysis report.


Question: Do the iriscopes have connectivity-adaptability for macintosh computer?

Answer: Iriscope systems only have connectivity-adaptability with windows operating systems incluing windows98, ME, win2000, winxp.


Question: How long is warranty on systems?
Answer:Warranty on Iriscope systems is one year, from the day you received Iriscope.

Question: What is the pixel resolution for iriscopes listed? Answer:All iriscopes listed are 1.3 million pixels. Themain difference in iriscopes are various types of available functions.

Question: What are the main differences in iriscopes?
Answer:The main differences in iriscopes are; switch for left & right eye, switch for iris or skin, switch for 3D Professional skin program, AV connector for T.V.,

Product Advantages

1. Comparing with other countries Iriscope/Skincope/haircope/intral oral camera, what are the difference and advantages of our products?
Answer: we are the earliest and leading professional institute, who mainly engaged in Iriscope/Skincope/haircope/intral oral cameras production development! For many years, we are promoting optic heath check products in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asian, and devoted to develop and research simple and convenient and friendly use operated product and relative software. Now we have large user group. Comparing with other countries relative products, our price is more favorable; the caught image is clearer, and more convenient to operate.
2. What is the using rate of our products all over the world?
Answer: there are Simple Chinese, Chinese traditional (for HK and Taiwan area), English and Spanish totally four versions, there are many iridologist are using our products from USA, Canada, Austria, Spain, UK, Czech, Israel and so on.
3. How is the quality?
We have many years experiences in optic equipment production development, and devoted to improve our quality, we continuously persisted is unsatisfied principle which may exchange a purchase (not satisfied within 2 weeks, it can be returned and change new one)
4. What is the promise for after service?
If not satisfied with in 14 days, it can be return back money; 3 years maintenance warranty, and software update for free!

Frequently asked questions:


1、Question: How to purchases?

You can click on  under the products directly, carries on the purchase according to the homepage instruction, or contacts with our sales person. Because of time difference, we provide hotline service from 18: 00pm – 23: 00pm in Chinese time, the telephone is: +86-755-88856563. as well, you can send us E-mail to; and confirm what products you want to order.

2. Question:How to do the payment?

After we confirmed received the 100% T/T payment, we will deliver the cargoes within 2 or 3 days!

3. Question:How to delivers goods to you?

The goods will be sent through the DHL gate to the gate transport mode, which directly deliver to your appointed place. you can track the goods transportation condition on DHL website: Http:// and know where it arrives!

If you need to transport your goods through other ways, we can actaccording to your instruction to transport for you. If you want to send through other Express, we would like to send according to your requirement!

4、Question: How much charge for freight?

Our product price is the net goods value, does not contain any transport expense and any miscellaneous expense, therefore you need to pay for the transportation. Outside China, n order to make sure the cargoes security, we deliver through DHL. You can land on DHL website and check how much you have to pay for freight! Because goods are delivered from China, you should land Chinese DHL website, the address is:  Http://

5、Question:what is the warranty?

We promise one-year warranty! Within the warranty, we share half freight fee each! After the warranty, we do not charge any maintenance fee, but if necessary to change the new spare parts, such as lens, handle, then it is need to pay for the spare parts! For the oversea customers, we offer the solution to the frequently questions, no matter what problems, please just feel free to call us or send E-mail, we would like to offer you a satisfied solution!

6、Question:How is the product quality?

Our product min use lifespan is 3 years, so long as is not external force damage (falls, pounds and so on), generally, the damaged rate is only 5% within 3 years!

7、Question:is equipped with software?

We provide Chinese, English and Spanish three versions software; you can choose any version according to your needs. And we provide the downloading for software and driver; You do not need after to worry the reinstallation problems after your computer damaged.

8、Question: Do your products can be used at any countries?

Yes. Our product is with international standard power source standard and connect to computer uses, only inserting into USB2.0 port it can be used safely; also applies to the TV or any LCD screen. The inside power source switch is outstanding, it supports 100V~240V the alternating voltage, supports the supply frequency is 50~60HZ. Therefore it is can be used at any countries safely!

9、Question:if can make the brand I provide (OEM)?

It is possible! If order quantity achieves 100 sets a time, , we can print your brand/logo on ours product, produce completely your brand products!