What is bernard jensen iridology camera and price?


What is bernard jensen iridology camera?

bernard jensen iridology camera

Iriscopio de 12.0 Megapíxeles (Modelo IR-9925U) (32) Iriscopio de 12.0 Megapíxeles (Modelo IR-9925U) (33) Iriscopio de 12.0 Megapíxeles (Modelo IR-9925U) (22)

Iriscopio de 12.0 Megapíxeles (Modelo IR-9925U) (33) Iriscopio de 12.0 Megapíxeles (Modelo IR-9925U) (32)

Iridology is the English term for iridologie and iridolog

a not to be confused with sclerology which is the term used for the study of the white of the eyes. Iridology or iridologie is practiced by iridologists who use iris charts and iridology cameras that takes iridology pictures, which are checked against an iridology map or an iris eye chart designed by Dr. Bernard Jensen.  Dr. Bernard Jensen

s son Art Jensen and his wife Ellen Jensen are now looking after Bernard Jensen products like Dr. Bernard Jensen iridology charts, iriscope, iris magnifiers and in general Bernard Jensen products. EyeRonec has the Dr. Bernard Jensen chart for sale and we show a professional iridology camera as well as  USB iridologie cameras. We also have iridology maps and iridology pictures. For heart health EyeRonec has a finger sensor pulse oximeters with LED display and a finger tip pulse oximeters with colour LCD display. These Finger tip medical oximeters are great for personal use to keep an eye on the oxygen levels in the blood and the heart pulse rate. Mickie Jones has developed the Universal iridology charts. This iridology chart does not show sclerology but the iris of the eye combining the Dr.Bernard Jensen system of iridology with the European iridology chart system. EyeRonec  has these iridology charts in stock.We also have an iridology retreat and iridology courses face to face or a homestudy iridology course.

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Who is bernard jensen?

Bernard Jensen

One of the greatest healers the world has ever known.Bernard Jensen

Dr. Jensen spent over 60 years as a pioneer in the holistic health field, helping to pave the way for the alternative health revolution that we are now experiencing.

Dr. Jensen began his career at the West Coast Chiropractic College where Bernard became the youngest Doctor in the state of California. He then began an intensive study of Iridology. He traveled extensively in search of health knowledge, a search that led him to over 65 countries to observe the lifestyles of the people and their various ways of eating. Each place provided a different health secret.

Following the path of the great nature cure practitioners, Dr. Jensen operated his own health sanitariums in Altadena and Escondido California for over 40 years.

People in search of health and rejuvenation came from all over the world to his Hidden Valley Health Ranch in Escondido, to learn the principles he believed in and taught.

Over the years, Dr. Jensen received several awards, and degrees from all over the globe. Some highlights were, in 1953 he was the recipient of the Ignantz Von Peczely International Iridology Gold medal award in San Remo, Italy. In 1982 he received the National health Federation’s Pioneer Doctor of the Year award. He was awarded the Pax Mundi Award for World Peace in 1984.

Throughout his career, Dr. Jensen wrote and published over 40 books. In 1952, he published, The Science and practice of Iridology, Volume 1, which quickly became a classic in the field and established him as one of the world’s top authorities on the subject. His second volume has received international acclaim. Some of his other wonderful books include Chemistry of Man, Foods that Heal, and Tissue cleansing through Bowel Management.

After working with over 350,000 patients, Dr. Jensen firmly believed that iridology coupled with nutrition are the greatest single therapy to be applied in the holistic healing arts and that “We must treat the patient, not just the disease.”、


Bernard Jensen International is a global resource for professional Iridology, tissue cleansing, and digestive health books and products. For decades we have been the top choice of Naturopaths, Iridologists, Colon Therapists and other Holistic Health Professionals from around the world.

Bernard Jensen International was founded by Dr. Bernard Jensen back in 1987 Dr. Jensen was a pioneer in holistic and alternative health having spent 60 years of his career successfully treating patients in his health sanitariums and health ranches. Additionally he was a thought leader in the science and application of Iridology; providing extensive training programs and certification in Iridology to doctors and practitioners worldwide. Dr. Jensen has published more than 50 books and received global awards of distinction and recognition for his field of work and service to the global community in Iridology and nutrition.

Art Jensen, the first born son of Dr. Bernard Jensen worked alongside his father for many years and took over the family business when Dr. Bernard Jensen passed away. Art Jensen now carries on the family spirit, passion and tradition of natural and holistic health as he owns and operates Bernard Jensen International as the President. Art is dedicated to preserving the writings and research of Dr. Bernard Jensen so this timeless information will continue to be available.

Ellen Tart Jensen, the wife of Art Jensen, studied for several years with the legendary natural healer Dr. Bernard Jensen and became his Protégé learning all he had to teach in the field of Iridology, nutrition, cleansing, supplements and numerous other healing methods. All together Ellen has studied and worked in the field of Iridology and natural healing for 30 years. She now is an internationally recognized authority in Iridology, Nutrition, and Cleansing. Her books and educational courses in nutrition, cleansing and Iridology are used by natural healing schools and students around the world and is well noted for her work in the integrated form of Jensen Iridology.

Both Art Jensen and Ellen Tart Jensen passionately continue Dr. Bernard Jensen’s teachings and with Dr. Ellen Tart Jensen’s ongoing education she has evolved Iridology and nutrition to the next level.

bernard jensen iridology camera

bernard jensen book

bernard jensen charts

bernard jensen Charts

bernard jensen Charts

bernard jensen Charts

bernard jensen Charts

bernard jensen Charts

bernard jensen Pdf Book



Iridologia Correlação entre ansiedade e anéis de tensão



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