What issues have kept Iridology from receiving the visibility and recognition it deserves?


Iridology has been used in a mostly non-technical way, and often by amateurs or those without rigorous training in health-care. As a result, orthodox medicine has not seen the redeeming value in a field cluttered with erroneous and oversimplified belief. Lack of scientific and professional conduct among some iridologists has contributed to the perception of Iridology as little more than fortune-telling. Color patterns in the iris are seen as having about the same significance as freckles on your face. The patterning is considered a random process without diagnostic value, however, in time both the iris color patterns as well as skin melanization may be recognized for what is can represent of the client’s physiological status. It is interesting to note that “palm-reading” has benefited from scientific systematization and analysis by experts in fingerprint identification, who have developed a taxonomy of dermatoglyphs (skin patterns). A similar trend may be seen for the iris.

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