Why We Use equine iridology chart


equine iridology chart

iridology Criticism

iridology Criticism

Formal studies by the American Medical Association and the American Optometric Association have shown iridology to be ineffective as a diagnostic tool: in a well-controlled study of diagnostic accuracy of iridology, three iridologists examined photographs (without knowing the diagnosis) from the irises of 24 patients with severe and 24 with moderate renal disease, as well as 95 individuals with no known disease; the iridologists were unable to diagnose the presence or absence of renal disease with any accuracy.

The majority of medical doctors reject all the claims of all branches of iridology and label them as pseudoscience or even quackery.Critics, including most practitioners of medicine, dismiss iridology given that published studies have indicated a lack of success for its claims. To date, clinical data do not support correlation between illness in the body and coinciding observable changes in the iris. In controlled experiments,practitioners of iridology have performed statistically no better than chance in determining the presence of a disease or condition solely through observation of the iris.It has been pointed out that the premise of iridology is at odds with the fact that the iris does not undergo substantial changes in an individual’s life. Iris texture is a phenotypical feature that develops during gestation and remains unchanged after birth. There is no evidence for changes in the iris pattern other than variations in pigmentation in the first year of life and variations caused by glaucoma treatment. The stability of iris structures is the foundation of the biometric technology which uses iris recognition for identification purposes.

Regulation, licensure, and certification-In Canada and the United States, iridology is not regulated or licensed by any governmental agency. Numerous organizations offer certification courses.

Possible harms-As iridology has no value in diagnosing any diseases, possible harms in the use of iridology include the waste of time and money. More seriously, medical errors—treatment for conditions diagnosed via this method which do not actually exist (false positive result) or a false sense of security when a serious condition is not diagnosed by this method (false negative result)—could lead to improper or delayed treatment and even loss of life.

equine iridology chart

iridology Training & certification

iridology Training & certification

Iridologists receive training from various sources. They may learn their trade through books, tapes, correspondence courses, online classes, or live classes. According to the IIPA, “Iridology operates in a gray area in North America. In general, there are no laws defining or regulating the practice. In Europe, especially in Germany, Iridology is well recognized and routinely used by natural medicine practitioners.” Also according to the IIRA, “Because Iridology has no official standards of practice, anyone can call themselves an Iridologist, often with little training or experience. There are also great differences in the Iridology information being taught, especially in North America.”

equine iridology chart

What can you tell from Iridology

What can you tell from Iridology

A qualified iridologist, by assessing the iris of both eyes, can obtain information about all parts of the body simultaneously. The iris reveals our inherited health disposition, our tendency towards, health concerns or problems. It helps us understand our potential risk factors if we don’t take care of ourselves. This is powerful knowledge and can help us care for our bodies so these tendencies do not become reality. Early detection of health imbalances and prompt correction is vitally important. Iridology is an excellent tool of assessment for current conditions and for preventive healthcare.

Client symptoms may indicate that something is not right in the body, but not necessarily reveal why. When one understands that symptoms are an end result of many influences and processes taking place in the body, it becomes clear how important it is to identify these contributing factors. Iridology can often help in this regard by identifying the underlying process or foundation of these symptoms. In this way, Iridology is great for preventive healthcare.

There are three basic constitutional types of irises by color: Lymphatic (or blue); Biliary (or mixed); and Hematogenic (or brown). Each of these types by color tell us a number of things about the person’s health and potential issues. The structure, and the markings seen in the iris, tell us further information based on their location, shape and a variety of other factors. An Iridologist looks at these and several other factors in the iris in order to provide an assessment (iris analysis).

equine iridology chart

practical iridology customer reviews

practical iridology customer reviews

I like this book it’s easy to read and you can learn more and more as you re-read. Now that this book falls under the topic of Iridology… a University in Africa conducted a controlled study to find out the effectiveness in distinguishing the deaf from the non-deaf and found Iridology to be an cost effective, non-invasive way to diagnose such problem there was a statistical significance (p <5). The comparison just for your information was not in comparing a specialized device with iridology but instead on the effectiveness OF Iridology in finding the problem. 2. Variety of Nutritionist, American Dr.s have used it as an additional tool to give the pt. A broader view of the picture. And show support to their clinical studies. 3. Recent studies on iridology have been found to be useful in hypertension (clinical naturopathy 1st edition 2010). 4. Russians Medical are train in the use of Iridology and have had success in its use. information found in PubMed.gov on Iridology provides positive insight on Iridology. I started the read the book with great interest. It has a lots of technical details with illustrations. When I reached page 76 it was a disappointment to see that the chart of the right eye had a printing error in that the lower half was not completed. The illustrations are important part of the book as the text refer to them numerous times. I contacted the publisher signaling the problem and asked for help. I got no answer at all. Unfortunately, Amazon does not have a feature for customers to complain about printing problems discovered in books that they sell. Now, I have an incomplete book and no remedy for the problem. Whether you are a skeptic or full of loving trust, this book offers the basics of iridology plus some useful diet, cleansings, massage, and habits for living. Fun book to analyze yourself or others in a fairly simplistic way. There are other books that are more for the serious student of iridoldgy--Look to Bernard Jensen if you like...I my self am fascinated with the concept and history, not sure I really "buy" it, beautiful full-color pictures, too! I LOVE THIS BOOK.. Practical is exactly what this book should be called for you actually learn immediately.. So many books are long, "very scientific in explanation written in a level six"... This is simple to read, understand, and the visual pictures you can look at again and again to engrave it in your mind. If your interested in Iridology I would consider getting this book immediately.. 🙂 Remarkable information about otherwise little known health factors that affect all of us, but in different ways. The many pictures in color are detailed and well explained. Many different temperaments or physical constitutions are discussed, describing strengths and weaknesses of each, along with recommended herbal teas to support the metabolic differences for each one. This book is a great reference that includes many of the emotional dimensions to iridology. I found it easy to follow as it did not bog me down with scientific/medical jargon. The pictures are very good, and I am glad I purchased this book.

equine iridology chart

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